Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Celebrating The Chosen Ones

Over the past few months, I had quite a record number of stories on Majalah 3. And they all had very tight deadline.

For example, for a 10-20 minute feature, I had approximately 2 days to shoot, 1 day to edit and 1 night to write the script.

If you're not familiar with documentary work, that is madness. A 20-minute feature on international TV channels would take about a year (or more) to complete a story and here we are, getting everything done in under a week.

I usually end up coming home late and not sleeping at night just to meet the deadline. During those period of sheer madness, I hardly see my kids too. Thank God Mer is able to help out (had to sacrifice his working hours though).

Most recently, in conjunction with Autism Awareness Month, I did a feature on Autism. The main idea was to do a story about 'gifted autistic kids.'

I wanted viewers to be amazed and inspired by these special people while creating awareness about it. That was my goal.

I approached two NGOs - NASOM and Yayasan FAQEH.

Via FAQEH, I discovered that the founder's 14-year-old son has a special gift.

And via NASOM, it was more difficult to decide because there were a few characters shortlisted. I finally decided to feature Hazim - the 20-year-old college student who learns foreign languages solely through YouTube.

The shoot took 4 days and what was initially supposed to be a 20-min feature ended up being a full 1-hour documentary about these gifted individuals.

YouTube Video

I must say it was a different experience doing this story because I feel it. As a parent of a special child, I learned a lot.

I can't deny that I worry about Raees' future. He's almost 7 years old and we never had a proper 2-way conversation with him. Then I found out, these individuals I featured only began stringing sentences and conversing properly at 9-10 years old.

And looking at how amazing they turn out to be, I have faith and confidence that Raees' future will be OK. It may be challenging but I know there's hope.

So did I achieve my goal with this feature? Were viewers amazed by these specials individuals? Yes. Did their story inspire others? Yes.

But I think I achieved more than that. It made me look Autism in a bigger picture. It gave me hope. It gave me strength. And I believe many other parents like me felt the same.

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babYpose said...

Very inspiring noble efforts

mrzaini said...

Just put your effort sis then leave it to Him. Ask/teach Raees to make dua' for u and the family. If there is no hijab... Settle kita hehe

THE GREEN said...

assalam irin...

its been quite some time havent thru this blog..

wow, interesting update!

u look nice wearing that hijab/tudung.. keep it up.

Irene Dahayu said...

terima kasih irin kerana cerita ini sama juga cerita anak sulung sayang... kami sebagai ibu bapa yang punyai anak autism sangat teharu...

Hazimworks said...

Thank you for featuring me - Hazim ...I had a long way to go... My mama & abah believe in me... Thank you to all my teachers in NASOM especially my Nasom teacher' s aide Cikgu Mala, Cikgu Shida & Cikgu Farah

Airin Diana Anuar said...

Just got a chance to read ur entry. Amazed on how strong u are. InsyaAllah Raees' future will be brighter than u cud ever imagine, especially with mommy's love like u.

Faktor Penyebab Penyakit Thalasemia Minor dan Mayor said...

you so beautiful. nice post