Tuesday, March 03, 2015

More Than Half A Year Already

Hi! Razeen here!

Turning 6 months is a lot of fun! Not only do I get to wear new clothes (6-9mths), I get to eat yummy food too! At last, gone were the days where I just stare at other people eat.

Mommy's been pretty excited about making homemade food for me. Although I never tasted other food before, I know what mommy's been preparing for me is the yummiest of all coz there's a secret ingredient...

...A dash of LOVE (everybody together now...awww).

So far I've had puréed fruits, rice and vegetables. After a month of trying them out, I now enjoy a mixture of the food. Yummy! Hence, the weight gain. I'm about 9.2kg already.

7 months is also an exciting age. I can crawl!!! I'm so happy to be able to move around on my own. I'm quite fast too. Mommy says I crawl like a robot. I didn't know there's such thing as a crawling robot. You sure mommy?

Playing with toys is a lot easier now too because I can sit without support. Put me in my cot and I can actually stand for you too! Yes, I wanna grow up THAT fast.

But one thing's for sure, I'm glad I still have almost-unlimited supply of mommy's milk. Even with all that food, I will always make room for susu.

Now that I'm 8 months young, I'm looking forward to uncover my other capabilities. I wonder when I will start walking (running)? I surely would like to see my mommy chase after me. Teehee!

P/S: What do you mean you didn't notice this post before? It's been here all the while lah. You aunties (and uncles) are getting old -_-

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