Tuesday, March 03, 2015

More Than Half A Year Already

Hi! Razeen here!

Turning 6 months is a lot of fun! Not only do I get to wear new clothes (6-9mths), I get to eat yummy food too! At last, gone were the days where I just stare at other people eat.

Mommy's been pretty excited about making homemade food for me. Although I never tasted other food before, I know what mommy's been preparing for me is the yummiest of all coz there's a secret ingredient...

...A dash of LOVE (everybody together now...awww).

So far I've had puréed fruits, rice and vegetables. After a month of trying them out, I now enjoy a mixture of the food. Yummy! Hence, the weight gain. I'm about 9.2kg already.

7 months is also an exciting age. I can crawl!!! I'm so happy to be able to move around on my own. I'm quite fast too. Mommy says I crawl like a robot. I didn't know there's such thing as a crawling robot. You sure mommy?

Playing with toys is a lot easier now too because I can sit without support. Put me in my cot and I can actually stand for you too! Yes, I wanna grow up THAT fast.

But one thing's for sure, I'm glad I still have almost-unlimited supply of mommy's milk. Even with all that food, I will always make room for susu.

Now that I'm 8 months young, I'm looking forward to uncover my other capabilities. I wonder when I will start walking (running)? I surely would like to see my mommy chase after me. Teehee!

P/S: What do you mean you didn't notice this post before? It's been here all the while lah. You aunties (and uncles) are getting old -_-

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Monday, March 02, 2015

Nursing Mom On Ground

February was a super busy month for me. Besides hosting WHI, I was busy with Majalah 3's special episode for Army Day.

So I flew to Tawau, Sabah. My first long trip away from Razeen. 5 days to be exact. I was determined to try and bring back some breast milk this time.

I was doing a story on the army's latest armoured vehicle called AV8 Gempita.

It's super new! Bau kilang lagi..

We even went on the helicopter which we got super nice arial shots.

When I was in the army camp, I actually used a guest room to pump.

But more than half the time in Tawau, I was shooting here...

So the van and the nursing cover were my saviours...

Because I didn't bring any icepacks or ice box, I had to throw away the milk.

No, I didn't pump every 2-3 hours. The best I got was 4-5 hours. It was OK for me, although not the most ideal.

Back at the hotel, using boiled water, this was how I sterilised the pump and bottles...

I only manage to store milk that I pump in the hotel. At least not all is lost..

I used the tiny ice maker compartment at the top part of the hotel's minibar to freeze the milk. You'd be surprised, it freezes quite well and quick too.

Once the compartment was full (fits around 7 packs max), I asked the concierge to store them in their freezer.

I checked it out...it was located in the concierge office, an open top freezer and almost empty. Perfect for my expressed breast milk!

So when it was time to go back, I went looking for a styrofoam box and a bag of ice to store the 20+ packs of frozen milk.

My crew were kind enough to help me pack :)

Tadaaa..ready to go back to KL!

Alhamdulillah...the frozen milk survived the journey.

So that's the story behind the milk that I brought back from my 5 days in Sabah while shooting an army story for Majalah 3.

Speaking of that, check out the full episode tonight at 9 pm on TV3!

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