Wednesday, December 17, 2014

EBM 2.0

The greatest joy for me is seeing my child grow healthy with 100% of my milk. So proud to see him so chubby and happy and it's all because of ME!

The nature of my work that requires me to go out station for many days got me all prepared with loads and loads of EBM. Lucky for me so far I didn't have to spend a night away from Razeen (except when he had jaundice). There was plan for the outdoor jungle assignment but it was later replaced by someone else.

Despite not going outstation, I still struggled to keep to the 2-3 hourly pumping at work. In fact at times it's difficult to do so every 3-4 hours.

There was a time I was so engorged, I got this much milk in 20 minutes!

That's about 17oz. My all time record. I myself can't believe I can hold that much milk inside me. Haha!

When I Instagram the photo above, I wrote in the caption,"I like to capture moments like this when susu tengah banyak. I will miss this when supply starts decreasing one day."

That happened like 1.5 months ago.

Because I didn't stick to the proper pumping schedule and left them boobies engorged a few times, naturally my body took it as a sign that it should reduce the amount of milk produced. Hence, my supply dropped.

I keep track of my EBM stock and November was the all time low.

Razeen usually takes the milk that was pumped at work one day before. So he always gets rather fresh milk. But November came and that's when the frozen EBM were finally utilised because I didn't pump enough at work.

Oh boy, he hates it all right! He would cry and cry and push the bottle away because he doesn't like the taste, I suppose.

It's normal for frozen EBM to taste a bit different. But I didn't think Razeen would reject it. Banyak kot! What am I gonna do with them if he doesn't take it? What will happen when I have to go for out station assignments?

Right now my mom is attempting to mix frozen and refrigerated EBM so that he doesn't experience the sudden change in taste. So far he still protests but gives in when he's really hungry.

Haiya, you make mommy worried you know. Minum laa Razeen! Mommy loves you very much *muax*

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misz sheyla said...

love bf doter refuse kat rumah BS dah guna FM :(

Suliana said...

comel sgt razeen. alhamdulillah my adam blh mnm frozen ebm :-)

dorsett pink said...

Well done irin.. its not easy to fully bf the baby but u did manage it very well. Congrats.. your story will inspire many mommies out there.. good job irin