Monday, November 03, 2014

Babywearing 2.0

I first put Raees in the sling when he was around 7 months old. He was a big baby (maybe the reason why I looked much skinnier than I am now?).

With experience comes confidence. So Razeen got accustomed to the sling much earlier than his big brother. But I was still not confident wearing him when his neck wasn't strong enough...until recently.

Last weekend we had our first family outing while babywearing and Razeen didn't complain at all. Since he's considerably young, I wear him with his hands in. He actually enjoyed being carried around...

He was so comfortable that he actually fell asleep. This never happened with Raees before.

For those inexperienced, wearing the ring sling like this might look complicated. But it isn't really once you follow the instructions carefully, which is vital for comfort and safety.

1. Close enough to kiss
How do you determine if the baby's position is right? If you can kiss him effortlessly, you're on the right track.

2. M-shaped legs
How do you know he's seated correctly and safely? The baby's bum must be lower than his knees. So from the back his legs look like the letter M.

3. Ring position
Before putting the baby in the sling, position the ring higher close-to-your-shoulder high. As you adjust the baby, the ring will eventually slide down. If you start off with the ring at just the right position, it will end up too low.

4. Snug and safe
With the baby in position, tighten the sling by pulling the extra cloth you see hanging at the side. Wear him tight and snug. Not only this ensures safety but most importantly both wearer and 'wearee' are comfortable!

These are just basic guidelines to babywearing with the ring sling. For more info on babywearing on various carriers, get this book called 'Babywearing Made Simple' by my friend, Adriana Thani aka Glam Mama ;)

And no, I wasn't paid to write this post :)

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Sunday, November 02, 2014

How To Choose Blusher For Your Skin Tone?

Every woman knows that blushers enhance a person’s facial feature into a more refresh healthy look.  For many of us, picking the right blusher colour to fit our skin tone may be one of the biggest challenges because the wrong one will completely ruin your makeup look. 

The challenge for women is getting more difficult with the wide range of blusher shades available in the market. The usages of blusher are meant to let woman have that subtle natural looking face without much effort. 

There are various tips for women to follow in selecting the right colour of blusher according to their skin tone. For the fair skin tone ladies, remember that lighter is better to enhance the softness of your face. The colours of blusher suitable for fair skin are the pink shade blush and the peach shade ones. Apply the blusher onto the apple of your cheeks and blend it toward the temple. 

The next tip is for the majority ladies in our country which have medium toned skin. Compared to the fair skin tone blusher choices, medium skin tone women should opt for a rosey pink or deep peach colour to make you look ashen. This is because if you choose a darker blusher colour, you will end up looking like a clown or look frosty. 

Blend the colour perfectly on your cheek using a beauty brush or sponge to make it settle well. The technique of blending helps women to get that natural flushed shimmer without having to put in much effort. 

For the darker skin tone ladies, opt for a champagne shade or cinnamon blusher colour to enhance the face features perfectly in front of others. Gently apply the blusher and blend it towards your hairline for better effect. In addition to make your cheeks glow, remember to highlight it with a shimmer gold colour for a stunning look. 

If you are interested in purchasing new blushers to add into your makeup kit at home, check out a wide range of blushers online at ZALORA from various local and international brands.