Monday, October 20, 2014

Full Time Working Mother Of Two

You know how people would say, you get totally excited about everything with your first born. The second child onwards are simply...well, been there done that.

Not for me. The 5-year gap got me just as excited with every smile, giggle, cry, name it.
And I was super excited when I witnessed Razeen rolling over for the first time. That happened when he just turned 3 months.
Quite early to be turning over, no?
And he shows no signs of slowing down. He's beginning to lift his bum as if attempting to crawl.
Don't grow up too fast, Razeen! You just turned 4 months which I think is already quite fast. You just can't wait to play with your big brother, huh?
Now that Razeen's neck is stronger, I'm more confident wearing him. There are times when he would be clingy, so out comes the good old ring sling.
So far I've been using the sling only at home. One thing I'm looking forward to is our first outing while babywearing!

But one thing I'm totally not looking forward to is my first outstation assignment leaving my kids (and husband) behind. That's happening in a couple of weeks time. And it's going to be one of the more challenging assignments too.

Let me give you a hint...


I'm not ready for this. But thank God my EBM stock is.

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Double Celebration For The RAs

* This is a super delayed post. Wrote it much earlier but haven't forgot to finish it off. 
Sorry hope tak basi! *

We held a double celebration in National Day to celebrate both our children...
I arranged everything virtually - searched and ordered things online and over the phone. Based on sample photos, Razeen's mini dais turned out just as I imagined it to be...

His baju melayu was a last minute thing. My mom made it and finally completed just the night before.
So he was matchy2 with his daddy and brother.

Then there was the birthday part of the event. Based on ideas and photos, our event organiser created a dessert table just as what I had in mind.

It was music, black and white theme for Raees...

And for the kids, I got these beautiful yummy cake pops, also something I discovered online..
It was a simple celebration with close family and friends, some of whom I haven't met in a long time.

The thing about being a mother of two, I hardly get the chance to snap photos of the event.

Hence this post is missing the cake cutting, the arabic buffet, the goodie bags (which I spent a lot of time sorting out in between nursing and running after Raees) and Raees! Notice he's no where in there? Haha!

I will need to look through the photos in the other camera and update this post soon!

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