Monday, September 22, 2014

Panda Baby

I love my job. Sure, sometimes I run into speed bumps that slow me down but in the end, my work is aired for the whole nation to view :)

My latest story for Majalah 3 will be aired at 9 pm today about the pandas that came to Malaysia. I started shooting this story back in November last year when I was 8 weeks pregnant.

I was with the Zoo Negara team in China as they started their familiarisation process with the pandas, Fu Wa and Feng Yi.

Feng Yi was still nursing her baby that time.

Shooting continued back in Malaysia. I went for a shoot even when I was heavily pregnant.

I was probably around 8 months pregnant that time.

There were only 2 occasions when I couldn't go for the shoot as it was too close to my due date and I was in confinement. Hence, my colleague helped cover for me.

When it was very close to my due date, I began editing the story at the comfort of my home.

And then I gave birth to Razeen...

While in confinement, I made arrangements to continue shooting with the pandas after my maternity leave.

So I met the two pandas on my very first day back at work.

Had the chance to meet the two pandas 'back stage' again.

I had 3 more days of shoot with the pandas before the whole story was finally done.

Photo taken with the crew and the zoo people after we wrapped...

We started planning this special feature before I got pregnant. Started shooting when I was 2 months pregnant. The story is finally going on air when Razeen is 3 months old. What a journey it has been!

So do catch it tonight! I promise you're gonna love the cute pandas. I know I do :)

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fauziah helmy said...

salam irin...

congrats ada baby baru rupanya. tabik spring sebab sangat komited dengan breasfeeding walaupun sangat sibuk. saya doakan irin berjaya menyusukan hingga tempoh dua tahun. semoga Allah permudahkan ya... aminn...

owh ya.. hubby irin tu exskulmet saya masa kat MRSM jasin dulu. kalau tanya pun mungkin dia tak kenal saya... huhu...

okeh irin. jemput singgah blog saya kalau sudi. tq.

una berry said...

last night when I watched this episode I was like, "kurusnya irin putri, tak macam baru dapat baby". thanks to breastfeeding! haha. keep up the great work sis.