Monday, September 08, 2014

Duty Calls

18 August 2014 - Razeen turns 2 months young and I returned to work.

First day back on duty and I straight away went for a Majalah 3 shoot.

I have made arrangements for this shoot during my confinement, can you believe that? Made calls, bookings and exchange of emails at the comfort of my home in between nursing and changing diapers.

So now, on top of my handbag, laptop bag and external hard disk bag, the pump bag tags along with me to work.

While I was on the road on my way to the assignment, I took out the nursing cover and emptied my boobs right there in the bumpy van.

There was no other choice. No time to 'segan' with the crew in the vehicle, as long as I have the whole row to myself.

I placed my pump together with the bottles at the chilled section of the bag so I don't need to sterilise them.

4-5 years ago my pumping port was the changing room at the make up room. Good thing that Media Prima has a dedicated lactation room since a year ago. I knew it's located near my office but I never knew exactly where. So when it was time to utilise it for the first time, I went searching around for it but still had no idea where.

Funny thing is, my friend (a guy) was the one who showed me where it is. There was no signage on the door. Just a plain grey door near the service room. How's one to know?

The room is fairly comfortable. Complete with everything essential for pumping - 3 chairs, fridge, sink and extension plugs for those who need power.

I remember bringing my own tiny fridge back then. Glad that now there's even a freezer I can utilise at work. Yay!

There was a time when I couldn't get the key to the lactation room but I as in dire need of pumping. So again, my nursing cover came to the rescue and I did what I had to do right there at my desk.

Again, no time to be 'segan'! It was a weekend anyway, so not that many people around the office.

Despite all this, I still don't manage to pump every 2-3 hours as experts recommend. My average is every 3-4 hours. That's the best I can do so far and hope the supply maintains.

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~farah~ said...

salute! happy breastfeeding ya!

Makcik Anak 3 said...

good job mamy

Kausar Amin said...

Your stories are always inpiring kak irin! Semoga dapat memberi smgt kepada mommies out there :)

Btw boleh dapatkan tips memulakan bisnes disini ya -->

Airin Diana Anuar said...

always an inspiration!!
keep it up, irin