Saturday, August 23, 2014

Two Months Already?!

I thought I juuuust updated the blog about the first month's progress. And now I'm back at work! *cry*

1. Hari Raya

Razeen is one chubby baby. Many people couldn't believe he was about 40+ days young when we brought him out during Hari Raya.

Lucky him, on the third day of Raya (at 43 days young) he has gone for his first vacation. A short Hari Raya getaway is more like it. Our family spent one night at Gold Coast, Australia.

I wish. Sepang actually.

It was the first time I came across a coffee house with a baby cot outside. Super convenient!

Since we had to do a bit of walking, Mer borrowed the laundry bicycle to get Razeen back to our room. We got the 'look' from the hotel staff though.

It was a short but relaxing trip nevertheless.

2. Expressed Breast Milk (EBM)

We were at not home for just one night and came back to a major disaster!


It did..quite bad actually. The maid said the freezer somehow - mysteriously - was not plugged in properly...hence no power. She only realised it when the freezer didn't feel as cold as it should be.

I had 66 packs of EBM in that freezer and after assessing the damage, the final total loss was 19 packs (totally thawed). The rest still had ice crystals in them, so I was able to freeze them again.

3. Weight - His & Mine

Razeen is gaining weight like nobody's business..he's gained 2.6kg within 2 months! Glad to say it's all thanks to his great appetite for breast milk.

And I'm surprised how fast I'm losing weight too. After 2 months, I have less than 2 kg to reach the pre pregnancy weight. Woohoo!!

Many ask if I went on a diet or worked out. Truthfully I have a big appetite. Just today I ordered 2 regular pizzas for lunch and finished about 3/4 of them myself :D

My only secret to weight loss is breast feeding. So that's my motivation!

4. Bottle

There was a time when Raees refused the milk bottle when he was a baby. We tried various bottles and teats until he settled with the one he prefers.

Of course, I was afraid the same will happen with Razeen. About 2 weeks before I was due to start work, we were ready to try the various bottles.

But Razeen proved to be different from his brother. The very first attempt and he has no problem with the bottle! Phew ! I could return to work in peace.

5. Smiles & Coos

Razeen has reached the stage where he's able to respond to us. He smiles a lot especially when we call out his name.

I love that we're able to have 'conversations'. His coos are just too cute!

Meanwhile Raees enjoys imitating his little brother. From his coos, yawn, name it. He's quite good at it. Funny boy :)

I initially planned to take a couple of weeks off work after maternity leave so I could spend more quality time with my baby. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to start work right after maternity leave ends :(

It's been a week since I came back to work and there's so much to share already! That..coming up in my next post.

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