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Shopping Made Easy...Virtually

Note: This is NOT a paid post.

For the older generation, confinement literally meant being confined at home and somewhat cutoff from the outside world.

Confinement for the Gen Y is a whole different story. Although most are still confined at home but they are no way cut off from the outside world. With the internet, anything is possible.

Over the past 2 months (last few weeks of pregnancy + confinement), I went shopping like nobody's business. Online shopping, that is.

A few weeks before I delivered Razeen, I was already surfing around for Hari Raya clothes for myself (the boys' clothes were settled much earlier...conventionally). Since I had a huge belly that time, it was difficult to estimate what size I would be wearing during Hari Raya. Not to put my hopes up too high, I bought size M. It wouldn't be good for my self esteem if I couldn't fit in the smaller size. I made sure I bought clothes that I can return/exchange for free...just in case.

2 weeks after I had Razeen, I tried them on. Waddaya know, M was too big for me *happy dance* So I returned them for a smaller size. You girls would know that feeling, right? :)

I also bought a piece from a designer's ready to wear collection in size S. It didn't fit me nicely though but my self esteem was in tact. That's because the skirt fits just nice however I couldn't button up the kebaya top properly...particularly at the chest. Ah, my milkshakes are to be blamed. RETURNED.

I also explored online businesses on Instagram and got myself some good deals from trustworthy sellers. All I did was search for hashtags like #SayaJualBarangBaby and I'm furnished with so many choices.

Besides Instagram, I also explored some web portals and blogs to fuel my need to shop. (I don't know what got into me. I think it's a post pregnancy thing.)

I must've transferred money from my account too often that one day I got a call from Maybank to verify that I actually did the transaction. Haha!

Most recently I began exploring online grocery shopping. Mer once asked if I would consider shopping for groceries online and I said I wouldn't. Reason being, sometimes I need to feel and choose what I'm buying.

But one thing that led me to try online grocery shopping was this...

I've been longing to have this but it wasn't available every time Mer or my mom went to the hypermarket. Did you know Raees and I can finish up this whole packet in one day? That's how much we like it.

Plus, there's nothing to munch at home. For many days I opened the kitchen cupboard looking for something to snack on but ended up disappointed. (Hey, a breastfeeding mom needs 2500 calories a day ok.)

I went to Tesco's eShop and found the stuff I want in the list. Apa lagi..stock up lah!

But they charge for delivery between RM8-10, depending on the time slot you choose. I chose for them to deliver between 6-8pm the next day. Then I thought, why buy so little when they charge the same rate no matter how much you buy?

So I decided to stock up on things that I personally like and hope it's sufficient for a few weeks' supply.

They deliver in a refrigerated/freezer truck. I thought might as well get my money's worth and utilise their facility (I'm can be calculative like that). So I got ice creams for Raees and myself (as a reward after I'm done with confinement).

Here's the stash of yummy goodies purchased from my first online grocery shopping experience.

Besides that, I also got some necessities for Razeen - diapers and soap.

Online grocery shopping has its pros and cons. It's convenient, of course. But I faced some problems along the way.

1. Punctuality and sense of direction

So I booked a delivery slot between 6-8pm. By 9.30pm there was still no news. I decided to call Tesco customer service. The person who attended to my call said he will check on it for me and call me back.

As soon as I hung up, I received a call from the delivery person. Apparently he was lost and had about 5 other deliveries before that (from what I gather he was lost searching for some of those places too). But he found a landmark to my house already (which is just a few hundred meters away). So I was expecting him to reach within 5 minutes tops (that's the duration it takes to walk to my house from that landmark).

An hour later, he called again. He's lost, again. Apparently the guards at my area pointed him to the wrong direction. Gave him the correct directions and within 10 minutes he was at my doorstep. Time was 10.30pm.

I'd imagine a delivery person should have a reliable reference since it's their nature of job to search for addresses. Waze would've saved him a lot of trouble and time.

2. Substitutions

When I made my order online, there was a disclaimer that says they might substitute my order with some other product if the item is unavailable.

Razeen's diaper was at critical level. Only 2 pieces left at home. That definitely wouldn't last the night. I thought it was timely that I made this order.

However the particular type I order (which costs RM29 for 64 pieces of diaper) is unavailable and they substitute it with another type of the same brand that costs RM23.10 for 24 pieces! They suggested that I take 2 packs.

Erm, that's double the price from what I initially budgeted ! Since Razeen poopoos so often and requires a change every few hours, I didn't see the need to get a premium level diaper. An ordinary one that does it's job to catch the poopoo is more than enough.

But since I was desperate for diapers and it was late at night already, I decided to take just one pack of that expensive premium kind (when product substitutions are made, they don't force you to take it. We have an option to reject and they wouldn't charge for them).

I also ordered chocolate digestive biscuit bars but was substituted with chocolate wafers. Another ice cream I ordered was not available and they didn't include or charge me for it.

Those are snacks so it didn't really affect me. But necessities like Razeen's diaper really caught me off guard.

Lesson learned: if you're desperate for an item, get it yourself from the shop coz you don't necessarily get it when you buy online.

3. Payment

There's only one method of payment option given to me after I made my order online, which is payment by credit/debit card at the door upon delivery. Cash wasn't an option, they stated.

So I got my credit card ready. Then Pak Cik delivery said,"Sorry the machine is broken. Do you have cash?"

Whaaaat? And they said cash wasn't an option!

I was caught off guard again. I didn't prepare any cash. I'm in confinement, I don't go to the ATM. That's why I've been paying for things via online transfer/credit card/store credit.

The Pak Cik delivery said,"if you can't pay today, I have to come back here tomorrow. It's actually quite far for me. I came from Mont Kiara."

Deep inside I thought,"It's not my problem that the machine is broken."

But it is Ramadan after all. He also looked exhausted after a whole night of going around getting lost and, in his words,"tak sempat berbuka lagi."

Kesian jugak la this elderly man. So, I didn't take out the steering lock. Instead I usahakan jugak to get the cash.

Mer didn't have enough cash with him at that moment. So I had to ask others in the house if they had cash I could borrow. In the end it was my mom to the rescue. *sigh* I shall pay her back via online transfer.

But the night ended on a high note after all. He handed me the receipt as I needed to confirm the items and amount. I was about to return it back to him and when he said,"Tak apa. Copy tu untuk puan...eh, cik."


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