Monday, July 14, 2014

Confinement Chronicles

I know some people dread the confinement period. As for me, it feels like time is swooshing by and before I know it, it's close to a month already!

The only thing I don't like about confinement is I have to keep away from ice creams and cold drinks. With the weather nowadays, it's quite a challenge for me. Plus, I LOVE ice creams!

This photo taken just days before I went into labour. Last kopek!

So what do I do during confinement? Well, not much difference than previously. My mom takes care of me everyday by putting on the traditional corset with lime juice and limestone paste spread on my tummy.

She is always on a look out whenever I do things that are frowned upon during confinement e.g not wearing socks (and stepping on tiles), walking too much, sitting inappropriately etc.

Once in a while I go to Taman Tun (the very neighbourhood where I grew up) for my massage sessions with former neighbour Mak Cik Peah (Mer refers to her as MCP for short). She was also my massage lady back when I just had Raees.

Razeen tags along of course. A good reason to get out of the house! Here he's seen with MCP while she helps him burp.

Most of the time when I'm at home, I attend to Razeen. I feed him while pumping on the other side (by far the best way to stock up EBM as letdown happens more often - will write more about this soon).

I bathe him.

I change his diapers roughly every 3 hours (he poo-poos almost after every feed).

I burp him (he gets bloated easily and often vomits).

If he doesn't fall asleep at the boob, I dodoi him.

I treasure this moment as I get to spend quality time exclusive for Razeen 24/7. It wouldn't be long til maternity leave ends :(

Raees was a cryer back then and I remember struggling to get him to stop crying in the middle of the night. My mom would usually come to the rescue.

With Razeen, I would say I'm more independent (read: experienced). I'm able to handle him even without extra hands.

Now I spend confinement in the guest room and other people in the house get their undisturbed beauty sleep. Razeen doesn't cry as much though (phew!) although at times he's on a different time zone.

In short, Razeen is much easier to take care as compared to Raees when he was a newborn. Then again, maybe it's the experience that plays a major role.

So that's pretty much how I spend my confinement. Some days I get to sleep at night. Some days not so lucky. Whatever it is, I cherish each and every minute I spend with my new baby boy :)

Uh yeah, timing is perfect too. Day 40 of my confinement falls on the last day of Ramadan. That means our little family can go raya sakan this year (although Mer's the only one fasting but hey, just enjoy the festive season).

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Airin Diana Anuar said...

Razeen is such a cutie pie.
Yeah, enjoy your confinement period. next thing u know, u've got to go back to work and missed him so much.
take care dearie!