Friday, June 20, 2014

The Real Thing

Dear baby,
"By the time you read this, I could be ready to push or have delivered already.

*schedules post* "

Remember that? Well soon after I posted that entry, it was as if you said, "Gotcha mommy!"

Well're quite cheeky aren't you? That's why when you actually were ready to come out, I kept it low key that time...hoping it wasn't another false alarm from you.

So here was how it went..

The other day (17 June 2014 to be exact) I was awoken by your brother with his hand at my face and his leg resting on my back. It was close to 4am when I felt something familiar at my abdomen. I though to myself,"Was that a contraction or was it another false alarm?"

The doctor said the signs of labour are:

1. Water brakes
2. Contraction every 10 mins that goes on for over an hour
3. Bleeding

So I timed the contractions using a cool mobile app.

So the contractions were consistent at about 6 minutes apart. I decided half an hour was enough to keep track of them and got myself ready. In the toilet, you gave me another sign! I was bleeding...a sure sign that it was the real thing.

The contractions were less painful when I was up and about as compared to laying down. So while I still can, I got my hair washed and blow dried in that early morning (hey, mommy wants to look nice too even if I was going into labour).

Mommy woke daddy up and said these 2 words,"It's time." He didn't seem too surprised. The reaction has mellowed down thanks to the previous week's false alarm.

We were out of the house around 5.40am. Stopped by McD for their breakfast (which starts at 6am at the Petronas NKVE outlet, not 4am as I initially thought).

Mommy had one of the McMuffin with orange juice (last kopek before confinement starts!). Finished off breakfast while we were on the way to the hospital and I was up at the labour room by 6.30am.

As usual (macam lah selalu sangat) the nurses monitored the contractions and your heart rate for half an hour, then checked the dilation. I was about 2 cm dilated. Woohoo! That's double the progress compared to the false alarm the week before.

So they informed the doctor and he came to check on mommy around 8am. Confirmed that I was actually in labour, he said he will check on my progress again in the afternoon.

So yay! No need to be induce. By this day you were already 4 days overdue anyway.

The contractions were bearable. Not too intense. In fact they remained at about 5 minutes apart until the doctor checked on me again at about 2.30pm.

If you do your math, it was already about 10.5 hours since I felt the first contraction. Dilation check revealed it was still at 2 cm. Oh was gonna be a very slow labour. So the doctor decided to put me on drip. Yes, again. This supposedly helps create stronger contractions so it doesn't take too long for you to come out.

So this time the drip actually worked on mommy. I felt the contractions getting more intense. They were about 2-3 minutes apart. By 7pm, they were really strong. Dilation check: 4 cm. Yahoo! Progressing well although still quite slow for someone on drip.

But mommy was feeling a lot of pain already. In fact I couldn't even speak when the contractions hit.

Mommy did what many women around the world have done: took the pain relief medication.

For someone whose body is slow in labour, to whoever created the epi, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The doctor predicted you will be born before midnight. So mommy took the opportunity to get some sleep after a long day (and it was not over yet!)

It was already midnight when the doctor came to check on mommy again...7cm now! He broke the water bag and waited around until about 1.25am to come check on mommy's progress. 10cm!! And you are ready to come out.

You know, mommy spent an hour pushing your big brother but he wouldn't come out because he was facing upwards. In the end he had to be assisted with the vacuum.

So mommy was ready for any possibilities with you. Mommy started pushing with the support from the cheerleaders..err I mean the nurses. Don't worry..daddy was around to witness your birth. He caught it on camera :)

So the first push..

Nurses: Yes that's right! Long push! Long push!

Mommy was out of breath. Took a quick breath and then the second push..

Nurses: Lagi! Lagi! Yes..good job! Yes!

Third long push and a shorter fourth push came out with a loud cry. "That was quick!" I thought to myself.

Alhamdulillah..that was all I could say over and over again when I saw you for the first time while crying so loud.

Turns out I had more to be thankful for. There was a knot on your umbilical cord. If it ever got any tighter...I dread to think of the consequences. I heard the doctor say "this baby is very lucky" at least 2-3 times.

Alhamdulillah...Allah kept you safe in my belly and born a healthy baby.

Welcome to the world, Razeen Ayman.


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amirah said...

i'm touched...huhu...congrats irin and hubby...and welcome to you, young little man, Razeen Ayman...such a beautiful name you have..

Ajan said...


kausar said...

awww...i love birth storiessss...congrats irin n husband...enjoy ur new bundle of joy.ah rindu nak pegnen lagiii

Suliana said...

tahniah irin.. sdp nama nya slmt berpantang.

Farra Da Smiley said...

tahniah irin..take care ya

yatie chomeyl said...

congratulation irin...may he grew up as a good muslim.

Anonymous said...

Nicely and precisely written story... I read it just like watching a majalah tiga with u as the main stress :p.. I learnt something and I hope I can get the opportunity to go through normal labour experience if I pregnant again next time :')