Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Drip, Contractions And...The Baby?

No two pregnancies are the same. That has never been so true.

When the doctor decided to put me on 'turbo mode' drip last night, he said,"with this you might deliver your baby around 6-7am tomorrow."

I couldn't sleep because of the anticipation. But my contractions didn't get any more intense. In fact I didn't feel much pain. I thought I had a special gift of withstanding pain. Haha!

At 6am, the nurse checked and found out I was not dilating much. Hardly progressed to be exact, even with increased dosage of the drip. I thought,"Man, my cervix is stubborn."

Fast forward...It's been more than 24 hours since I was admitted. I do feel the contractions, about 3 minutes apart. But they are bearable so no need for pain management so far.

But there's hardly any dilation. Doctor has decided to take me off the drip because he feels it might not be time yet. Baby's not ready to come out.

So that water trickling was false alarm?? I was made to stick around in the labour room for 24 hours with this drip attached to my hand and go through contractions...and baby wants to stay inside, still?

Oh little one, you're just like your brother. Just a bit more drama :)

So another night at the hospital for observation and if the little one still decides to stay cosily in there, I should be able to go home in the morning.

This is getting interesting...

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Thara said...

So anxious for an update from u! Haha. Keep us updated!

Airin Diana Anuar said...

any updates? cant wait to see the baby already la. hehe



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