Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Water Broke

I've always been on a lookout for signs of labour as I'm closing in on the due date. Somehow last Sunday I woke up with this feeling that says,"today could be the day." Some call it maternal instinct.

Probably it's because of the increased discomfort I felt as the baby is positioned very low and is getting heavier by the day.

It was an ordinary weekend. At about 7pm, after one of the many trips to the toilet, I felt something. It was similar to the start of the month's period. It felt wet down there. Totally out of my control.

I was trickling amniotic fluid!

"Oh boy, oh boy, what do I do now?" I thought to myself but kept myself calm the whole time. I put on a sanitary pad and began packing the remaining necessities in the hospital bag.

Note that I didn't feel any pain and the trickling stopped.

Soon Mer got into the room and I kept my cool. I wanted to record the look on his face when I break the news to him. Being camera shy, he covered his face and demanded to know why I'm suddenly putting him in the spotlight. I said,"if I tell you will you stop covering your face?"

He nodded and I went on to say,"what if I told you my water broke?"

"Huh? Are you sure? (Looking at my crotch) Don't joke around with this." He replied.

"Yes, it's true." I said as I took the pillow away from his face and told him what happened.

Thanks to Google, I learnt this:

If all is well, and you're at least 37 weeks pregnant when your waters break, you have a choice.

You can:

- have your labour induced as soon as it can be arranged

- wait for 24 hours to see if you go into labour without induction

- wait and see beyond 24 hours, though this risks infection tracking up your vagina into your uterus

So we decided there's no need to rush to the hospital in the middle of the night. With no contraction and no more trickling, I thought the hospital visit can wait til the next morning.

At the same time I pray that labour will occur naturally within 24 hours coz I don't wanna be induced again!

The next day I left home around 1.40pm as I had a few stops before heading to the hospital. Sent Raees to school first then I stopped by my office. My boss needed to see me urgently on some matter before I go on my long leave. Haha..seriously!

That's the back door to my office by the way.

Spent half an hour there before I finally went to the hospital.

Went straight to the delivery suite where I was put under observation for half an hour.

Although I didn't feel any pain, the monitor shows that I was having contractions already. Woohoo!

So there's no need to induce. Yay me!

I wasn't dilating much. Not even 1cm yet. So the doctor came to check on me and decided that I admit today.

They administered enema to clear my bowel, which supposedly helps with labour. I remember having gone through this before I was induced last time. The nurse was quite rough. The experience wasn't very pleasant.

I was preparing for the same discomfort. But good thing this time my nurse is super gentle. The whole experience (even dilation check) was not as 'traumatising'.

One difference with this experience is, I'm more independent. I could handle things on my own while in the labour room. Mer stuck around for just about 45 mins before he had to leave to fetch Raees at school and bring him back home. He will be back here at night to accompany me.

So here I am, writing about my experience so far (while it's still fresh in my mind) at the early stage of labour, while having dinner..

Uh, dinner's getting cold. I'll continue later...

---- 8.30 PM ----

I finally felt the contractions but very mild. They are about 15-20 minutes apart. The doctor just came to check on me and suggests that I'll be put on drip to speed up labour. If I leave it this way, I might not even deliver the baby tomorrow, he says.

So now I'm waiting for the nurses to hook me up to the drip. I'm still alone. Mer is doing his daddy duties. He'll only he here after Raees is asleep. Such an angel, kan? :)

By the time you read this, I could be ready to push or have delivered already.

Praying that everything goes well. Can't wait to meet my new bundle of joy :)

"La ilaha illa anta, Subhanaka inni, Kuntu minaz zolimin."

*schedules post*

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syalinda johari said...

semoga semuanya dipermudahkan..aminnn

kausar said...

adoi terkenang memori nak beranak 2 tahun lepas. air ketuban pecah macam paip tak benti. btw u dah in labour pun muka glowing dan tenang. moga dpermudahkan ya

amirah said...

i guess by now the baby is already here - di dunia ini..cant wait..!!