Monday, June 30, 2014

And A New Journey Begins

Salam Ramadan to all Muslim readers. This is the second consecutive time I'm in confinement during fasting month. Gonna be a challenge to replace them all!

Baby Razeen is lucky coz I learned a lot about breastfeeding from my experience with Raees. I expected a smooth sailing journey this time...but it didn't exactly go as problem-free as I had thought.

Soon after little Razeen was born, the nurse took him out from the labour room to take his measurements, weight etc. and then brought him back in to show him to me. Although the doctor was still stitching me up, I asked the nurse,"Can I breastfeed him now?

I kid you not.

I didn't even think how I was gonna do that while lying down. The nurse gracefully replied,"after this ya.."

When all labour related procedures were done, I was being put under observation in the labour room. On the very same bed Razeen was born, the nurse brought him to me to initiate breastfeeding.

It took about 20 mins for Razeen to attempt latching. Around 2.25am, 53 minutes after he was born, bingo! He did it :) Successfully breast fed him within the first hour. He was latched on both sides for a whopping 1.5 hours.

However I didn't notice he was latched on incorrectly on my left side. I only realised when it felt sore after that.

Based on Raees' delivery with the help of pain relief, I was expecting to face the same side effects which is low blood pressure. However during the 1.5 hours I was breastfeeding Razeen, I felt fine. I thought probably this time my body reacted differently to epi.

As soon as I was done breastfeeding, almost immediately I felt light headed, ringing in the ears, almost fainting...all symptoms associated with low blood pressure. Amazing how breastfeeding pauses the on set of low BP.

Breastfeeding Razeen went smoothly except the part where my nipples were sore and cracked probably due to more improper latching. It reached a point where I scream in pain each time Razeen latched.

I even considered using nipple shields to help ease the pain while my nipples heal. Although some studies show that using shields might affect milk production, at that moment of desperation I thought that was my only choice. But somehow I ended up not getting nipple shields after all and bear with the pain anyway.

How my nipples eventually healed? Here's how..

Almost 48 hours after I delivered Razeen, my boobs started to feel quite full.

On day 3 and 4, they were uncomfortably engorged. I thought of pumping out milk to lighten the load but I was somewhat afraid to try the Freestyle thinking it will continue to hurt my wounded nipples.

But with my breasts engorged, it made latching more difficult. More pain too.

Day 5 came and I decided to give my new breast pump a go. While Razeen was feeding on the less wounded side, I pumped the other one.

Waddaya know..I didn't feel any pain at all! This was what I got on my first session.

So I decided on that approach - pump on one side while Razeen latches on the other...and apply nursing butter often to help them heal.

I stored the milk in packs of approximately 4-5 oz each. Within 2 days I managed to get more than 20oz.

Lucky thing I started pumping and storing early because the expressed breast milk (EBM) were being used earlier than expected and the breast pump then became my new best friend.

(To be continued...)

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Nani said...

tahniah Irin...dpt baby boy lagi yek..

Thara said...

yeay! an update finally! can't wait for the next one! :D

~ Cik Azz ~ said...

Tahniah Irin... Moga kedua ibu dan anak terus sihat..

Comel baby Irin..