Monday, May 26, 2014

First VS Second

It's that time (again) when the doctor says,"Your baby's full term. You can give birth anytime."

It's true what people say, every pregnancy is different. I'm thankful that one thing remained the same for me which is I didn't experience morning sickness. Oh, on top of that, Braxton Hicks what? I have been waiting for it to happen...but nothing so far. Or maybe it did happen but I didn't notice.

But yeah, I do feel a few differences this time around:

1. Time

With Raees, the pregnancy felt like it was going on forever. But this time around, everything seems to go on fast forward for me. Before you know it, BAM! Full term. A couple of theories on this:
a) I've been through this before - I know what to expect (when I'm expecting).
b) I'm preoccupied with Raees and work that time flies really fast.

2. Water Retention

When I was about 6 months pregnant with Raees, my feet bloated like nobody's business. I couldn't even get my feet in the long john's when Mer and I went for our babymoon in Europe last time. My nose? It expanded just as much.

Thankfully with this pregnancy, water retention hasn't been much of an issue. I could still fit in my strappy heels when I go live on WHI. My face (the nose especially) hardly expanded too. So I was going live on WHI til 37 weeks. Not bad, eh?

3. Belly

Although my body didn't expand much, the belly somewhat made up for it. I look like I'm hiding a watermelon underneath my clothes. Because it's my second time, the muscles around the uterus have stretched, so I'm carrying the baby lower now.

Lately, whenever I walk in public I notice people giving my belly 'the look'. I can read their minds. "Holly cow! That's huge!" I always stare back at these people and when they finally look up from the belly to my face, I just smile and they look away.

4. Baby Weight

Although the belly is huge that people (again) think that I'm carrying twins, my baby is considered small. Raees' weight was always at par with the gestation period. This one is always a couple weeks behind, particularly during the third trimester. Oh well, people say smaller babies are easier to deliver! Let's see, shall we?

5. Cramps

I remember getting leg cramps every night during the first pregnancy, starting from the second trimester. Every time it happened, I had to suck it up and wait for the pain to subside. Wasn't fun at all.

This time around, I still get cramps but not at the legs but at the hips (they also ache every night when I sleep. Age factor?) And the cramps aren't as intense as my previous experience. They are much more bearable. Phew!

So those are just a few differences that I can think about. Workload during pregnancy? Somewhat similar. I'm still going out for a shoot in a couple of days! Call me crazy but hey, I willingly wanna go because it's a story that's I've been working on for a long time. Of course, I get someone to help me out on location. And while I wait for the baby to pop, I shall edit. Sounds like a plan, no? Better to keep myself occupied with something rather than wait and wait and wait :)

Why I assume I'll be waiting? Well, with Raees being overdue and induced, doctor says there's a chance the same thing will happen this time around too. But I really hope not. I want to feel the natural birthing process when the baby comes when the baby is ready rather than being forced to come out. I wanna be able to utter the line,"it's time!" I wanna see how calm (or panicky) Mer will be when the time comes. I wanna carry out the labour action plan that we've come out with (lots of things I want, eh?).

This was how I looked like when I left home to go to the hospital to be induced 5 years ago...

I wonder how it'll be this time?


babYpose said...

may you have a smooth natural delivery this time, InshaAllah

Nani said...

Selamat Bersalin Irin..semoga semuanya selamat dan dipermudahkan...

Lebih baik bersalin normal, tunggu ajer masanya...

Suliana said...

smga dipermudahkan. baby girl ke?

Ome Cool said...

All the best :) It will be fine, InsyaAllah :)

nayfatimah rasyid said...

semoga dipermudahkan semasa melahirkan baby....

Airin Diana Anuar said...

Take good care of urself irin.
yeah, every pregnancy different. Hope this time around gonna be pretty much easier for u.
Raees gonna be thrill to have adik ;)

Zara Ismail said...

congratulation on your baby..baru je balik dari hospital berjumpa seorang kawan babynya lahir malam tadi..full term..3.4kg girl..dah macam seminggu lahir..matured..

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