Tuesday, February 04, 2014

A Pregnant Sweet Tooth Dilemma

I've always been a sweet tooth. Pregnant or not, chocolates and ice creams are my best friends.

And since being pregnant, I've been craving for expensive ice creams. Really high taste this baby in the tummy has, huh? I know having too much isn't a good idea so I try to limit myself to just one serving of sweet stuff a day. Also I didn't seem to gain too much weight.

Well was I in for a surprise. During my recent visit to the doctor, I thought the scale was broken. I got the nurse to reset it and I went on it again. The readings just got higher. Damn it.

I would've tried again a third time but who was I kidding? I had to face the fact that I gained 2 kilograms in 3 weeks!

Later on I casually asked the doctor,"That's not too much a weight gain right?"

I was in denial. I know.

The first thing the doctor asked was,"Have you been taking a lot of sweet things?"

I smiled nervously and tried to be as cool as possible when I said,"Welllll, not TOO much."

But Mer blew my cover. He just had to spill the beans,"Yes doctor. She does. She takes a lot of it."


The doctor then started stating the risks of taking too much sugar. Of course it scared Mer when listening to the doctor going on and on about the worst case scenario.

So starting that day, he's been monitoring my sugar intake. I was told to cut down on carbs too. So less rice and bread for me, on top of less sugar.

I felt a slight withdrawal syndrome when I got home. I opened the fridge and closed it. I opened the food cabinet and closed it. I walked around the kitchen trying to see what I can snack on...but I was stumped. All I wanted was that piece of chocolate. Grr..

The next day was also the beginning of a long weekend...January 31st to be exact. 31% off at BR. I couldn't miss the chance again. I haven't got a quart of ice cream at discounted price in many months already. I pleaded Mer to get me a quart. He eventually gave in after I promised to only have one scoop of it in one week.

The long weekend also came with a number of get togethers with friends and family. Naturally, desserts are a must at any occasion. How was I push them aside when they're served right in front of my face?

So I had a little less than what I usually would have. A smaller portion is a good start, no? I hope those few small portions I had didn't add up to a full blown one (or more) serving though.

Then Monday came. I thought finally I could distract myself from all the sweet stuff. I had a healthy Japanese lunch with friends. I was gonna order a glass of fruit juice but the only 'fruity' drink I saw was mango smoothie. I told myself,"There MUST be more mango in there than ice cream." And ordered it.

Then as I got back to the office, a colleague was passing around a birthday cake. Again, how can I reject? Tak baik tolak rezeki.

So it's been about 4-5 days since I was told to reduce my sugar intake. Looks like as of now, I failed miserably. Not a day has gone by without a sugary treat for my taste buds.

Bravo, Irin.

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babYpose said...

Hi, if i started taking desert after meal, the crave for sweets come back, when i switch to fruit, the crave for cakes, icecreams fade.

Suliana said...

hehe.. good luck irin! try your best. lately i pun suka mkn manis mcm aiskrim. choc xberapa craving sgt.. tapi mmg lah menakutkan sbb masa 1st prgnt dah pernah ada diabetis. huhu. so bila nk mkn tu mmg kena beringat selalu :-)

BLADE H said...

assalam irin...

congratulation on 2nd baby :-)