Thursday, January 02, 2014

Look What I've Got

Hello 2014! There's so much I look forward to this year. Super duper excited!

Sure, 2013 was a good year for me, career-wise. I became the producer of Majalah 3, a prime time documentary programme on TV3. Tough job there. A hot seat as some may say. The job came with a few late nights in the office with my team.

That's 3.30am with my-half-awake team but still hard at work.

Hence, the blog had to took the back seat (please forgive me, blog). My documentaries also got nominated for a few awards locally and internationally. I didn't win any, but tis ok.

Also in 2013, I could be rich if I received RM1 every time someone asked THE question. You know, when you're single, they'll ask when you'll get married. When you're married, they'll ask when you're gonna have a child. When you have a child...(drum roll please)...when are you having another? And it goes on.

It's pretty much expected isn't it? Especially when Raees has turned 4 years old. Well...

Did you get it? Did ya? If you didn't...guess you're not familiar with the saying 'bun in the oven', huh?

I've got a bun in the oven right this very moment! A tiny bun kicking away in the oven. My very own oven :)

That's right, you all can stop asking me THE question now. Thank you! Phew!

I've always kept a close watch of my cycle and as early as 4 weeks, even before I expected my gut feeling said "just pee on the stick already!"

So I did and that faint second line appeared. Mer was still in bed and I patiently waited til he woke up to go to the bathroom, hoping he'll notice the home pregnancy test kit I left on the sink.

He went in and came out looking super surprised!!


He came out looking as if nothing had happened. Nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing unusual. Nothing surprising. No big news what so ever.

Great. He didn't notice it.

I casually went in to the bathroom this time and asked him to join me to check out something. When I did show him the test kit...he was super surprised!!


He went,"uh huh..yeah. What's that?"

When I finally knocked some sense into him...only then he had that super surprised look all over his face. Finally! And he thought it was a funny looking thumb drive that got lost in the bathroom. *face palm* That's what happens when you have a technopreneur as a husband, ladies and gentlemen.

As with my experience carrying Raees, this time around was somewhat similar. I didn't experience any morning sickness. But I guess the age factor caused more frequent migraines in the first trimester. Uh, and erm..I was emotional *shy* I shed quite a lot of tears. Sometimes over the littlest things. Dem you hormones!

Other than that, the first 3 months went by just fine. Which is why not many people were aware of it. Heck, I even went to China for an assignment when I was 8 weeks along.

Met cute pandas while I was there. Got the chance to feed them too.

I'm 4 months along now and trust me, you all are not the only ones who just found out. In fact, I kept it between close relatives and friends until now. I felt I had to wait until the right time before announcing. Didn't wanna jinx it. You know what I mean?

Raees is acting like a big brother already. He loves kissing babies anywhere he sees them.

I told him there's a baby in my tummy and he would kiss it :)

In Shaa Allah I'll be expecting my new bundle of joy middle of this year. Please pray that everything goes smoothly for me.

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P/S: You won't believe how big my tummy has grown in such short time. Wait for it in the next post ;)


Suliana said...

congratulations :-) same year la baby kita nnti. me early may tapi bby no 3. hehe.. dah besar raees lama x dgr cite dia dlm blog ni.. take care irin. xsbr nk tgk perut yg membulat itu. hehe

amirah said...

congrats irin...!! finally, the bun is arrived..hope you gonna hv a smooth and safe journey this time. oh myy..raees dah besaaa...dh lama sgt sgt tak tgk raees..such a big sweet...

Adriana Thani said...

Congrats babe! I am so happy for you! Please be warned that I'm going to want to come over all the time for newborn cuddles, hehehe.

lily lotus said...

welcome back to the blogging world dear. congrates!