Monday, January 20, 2014

Goodbye Snowy

This is a tribute to Snowy, my 5 year old male Persian cat that left us recently...

He was born in October 2008. His mom, Paris Jr., delivered him in our home.

Another cat of ours, Chewie, also delivered about the same time. So we had 7 newborn kittens that time. It was madness!

Of course we couldn't keep them all. We had 5 adult cats already. Furthermore a few months later I found out I was pregnant with Raees. So the kittens were given away one at a time.

Among all, Snowy stood out as the cutest among all the kittens. The colour of his fur was light orangey-yellow, the lightest colour of them all. Hence, my brother named him Snowy.

We had to keep him. At least we had a third generation to represent Paris' family in the house.

All the other cats, Paris, Leia, Harry, Paris Jr and Chewie had their fair share of staying in the house. So they had close contact with us. But when Snowy came, I was pregnant and there were just too many of them to let roam free in the house. So a cat house was built. The cats were no longer allowed in - except the kitchen.

Snowy spent most of his time outdoors. When he was growing up, he didn't get much contact with us.

Plus, there was a new baby in the house, Raees. Naturally more attention was given to him.

So Snowy grew up being very close to his mom, aunts, uncle and grandma.

A couple of weeks back, Snowy seemed very weak and breathed heavily. We brought him to the nearby vet and the doctor said his bladder was hard. A sign he didn't pee for a long time. Blood came out when the doctor drained it.

The doctor confirmed that his kidney was damaged. After being warded for 5 days, Snowy was allowed home. Doctor also said he'll have incontinence for a couple of weeks but will recover soon. He had to be on kidney supplements his whole life.

The photo above was taken the day he came back home, the last photo taken of him. Sure enough, his behind was wet as he couldn't control his bladder. My maid took good care of him while he was sick. Feeding him medicine and washing his behind everyday. Soon Snowy was walking around the house like his usual self.

Then last Saturday when we were having breakfast in the kitchen, I heard a commotion. My maid said she heard Snowy 'scream' and found him laying weak on the floor. She saw maggots at his legs. It was so bad that his bone was exposed.

My brother and I brought him to the vet again. In the car, I thought I heard him breathe rather loud for about 4-5 times.

And then there was silence.

I had a bad feeling. But I didn't dare to peep in the carrier. Just wanted to get to the vet ASAP.

As we got in the vet and registered, I dared myself to peep. I didn't see any movement. I told the doctor of my fears and quickly brought him in.

Doctor took his lifeless body out of the carrier.

Snowy's gone.

But what shocked me the most was the extend of the infection. As the doctor lifted Snowy's lifeless legs, what I saw might just haunt me forever.

Almost the whole bottom half of his abdomen was severed.

Maggots everywhere.

The doctor said the maggots attacked his blood vessels. That's most probably why we didn't notice it. And they were very aggressive. The infection moved very fast. With Snowy's weak immune system that time, he didn't stand a chance.

We brought him home. His uncle, Harry looked upon the carrier when we brought Snowy's body back and as he was buried in our backyard.

I'm just glad he is no longer suffering.

Goodbye Snowy. You've been a good cat.

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Mas Zull said...

assalamualaikum irin...sweetnya sedih nyer...:(

PeRdU cINta said...

MasyaAllah..sebaknya bila kucing yang kita pelihara..berakhir hayatnya..