Tuesday, February 26, 2013

From A Zombie To A Lioness?

At one time I had major issues with Raees' sleeping time. Sleeping past midnight, waking up at wee hours in the morning, waking up every 2 hours to breastfeed (not much of an issues there but it went on  every night until he weaned off at 2 years plus).
But nowadays, not anymore :)

My days of sleep deprivation and zombified look are gone! I've been able to keep him on a strict sleeping pattern that at times even I manage to get 10 hours of undisturbed sleep! I have my ME time again.

On average, Raees sleeps from 8.30pm - 7.30am. He can go up to 13 hours too!
In order to achieve this, unlike many kids his age, Raees doesn't nap in the afternoon. I know it isn't actually a good thing to promote, but that's how it is. He doesn't even feel sleepy. Going around in the car doesn't help much either.
During bedtime, this boy doesn't fall asleep as easily. He would try to fight off his sleepiness. No matter what he does, I'm quite persistent in making sure he stays in the bedroom. When he tries to go out the door, I would drag him back on to the bed and just lie down with him (my arm is his security blanket, by the way).
The only downside is - it only works when I'm around. Whenever I'm outstation and Raees is in the good hands of his daddy or my mom, he knows it's easier to manipulate them.
Most recently, Mer spent 1.5 hours going around in the car to put him to sleep!

Getting him to sleep is one thing. Waking him up is another.

Raees' school starts at 8am. He has to wake up by 7am in order to make it on time. He's been on time alright - once. Haha!

There was a time he got really angry when I woke him up from his slumber. So I took a gentler approach. Switch on the TV, make a lot of noise around the room and sing his favourite Sesame Street song (which will eventually get him to sing along in his sleepy voice).

Sometimes when time doesn't permit, I just carry him into the bathroom. This move would have 2 possible consequences - he'll straight away enjoy the running water OR temper tantrum. It's usually the former. But the latter, I just do what I need to do and ignore his cries.

I try to get him to wake up by 7.30am. But again, this only works when I'm around. When I'm not, others don't try as hard as I do to get him to wake up.

Motherhood has taught me many things. To be strong, patient...and cold hearted! I force Raees to follow the timing I've set for him even when he resists. Someone needs to show authority towards him in a way to teach that not everything is his way.
I've also started pinching him when he misbehaves. Lightly of course. I use to 'pap' (lightly hit) him but it didn't work. He ends up extending his hands to me for me to 'pap'! Bertuah punya budak.

Ladies and gentlemen, looks like I've become the 'garang' (strict) mom.
Always thought I'd be the cool one.