Friday, December 14, 2012

I'm Sorry But I Heart London

I know, I know...I don't deserve to be called a blogger if I could hardly spend time updating it :(

But this time around I have a great excuse! I'm not making up excuses, really! Just look where I've been!

Yeap, it's as fun as it looks! It was really nice to feel the cold breeze for once. My trip to London was part of my feature on the Airbus A380. We were shooting about 70% of the time on the 13.5 hour flight there! Once we got there, we did a bit of shooting here and there. The Harry Potter studio tour was added in for us though. Thanks MAS!

In total we spent 9 days shooting at KLIA and in London. It was amazing that I had the chance to explore and experience the aircraft. Another reason why I love my job :)

Check out my story tomorrow night on Majalah 3 titled 'Gergasi Di Angkasa' at 9 pm only on TV3!