Tuesday, October 30, 2012

3 Weeks Before The Due Date

I couldn't believe I did Majalah 3 til I was about 5-6 months pregnant in 2009. I was still going out at around 4 months pregnant and it wasn't an easy assignment either. It was a feature about an abandoned tin mine in Pahang, which I personally went in to check out.

Anyhoo, later on I was transferred to do Stock Watch, TV3's business programme back then. Although the assignments were not as demanding as compared to Majalah 3, I still went out shooting when I was heavily pregnant. Plus, I even did a standupper (read: report on location).

Why did I suddenly bring this up? No, there's no bun in my oven just yet. I came across a report I did for Stock Watch in late July 2009, about 3 weeks before I was due! Some of you may know that my tummy was already huge at 6 months. By this time, I was already full term, so I looked like I was gonna explode. Take a look for yourself...my standupper at the beginning and the end of this report.

Oh yeah, that's my voice doing the voice over too. Hubby didn't recognise it! Maybe because it's one of those rare occasions where I do english voice overs. Or is it the pregnancy voice? More abdomen  power?


airin diana said...

You look cute!
We as a power mom. We can do almost anything evento we're heavily preggy.
I was 9 months preggy when I lead an audit to an aluminum die casting ingots. hot and dusty, but i survived!

Remy hazza said...

Salam kenal sis Irin......
nice meeting you today at lsg.....
thanks for the autograph !!!

boni kacak said...

hai..saya datang sini lepas tau keujudan blog awak ni daripada blogger --> http://remyhazza-satuperjalanan.blogspot.com

salam perkenalan :)

Ayuni Ayatillah said...

Salam Irin. oh you look cute even when you are heavily pregnant. Dont worry about that. Hehe.

Just found this blog of yours via Mommynadia's blog. I have always admired journalists like you and NSNA, its lovely that you also blog, so keep it up!

I too am a strong advocate of breastfeeding, and I do blog about my mommy journey, here at http://yunayuni.blogspot.com. If you ever find time to drop by, a hi would be lovely :)

Take care and keep on writing!

-Mommy Confessionals