Monday, June 04, 2012

The Breastfeeding Forum

Waddaya's my 600th post on this blog!! And I'm glad to say this little blog milestone also includes a story about milestone in my life. 

I gave my first breastfeeding talk :)

It's more of a forum actually, with the wonderful ladies at Petronas.

They have a very strong breastfeeding support group within the company and they have events like these on an annual basis. I'm glad to be invited as one of the panelist. The title of the forum was "Cabaran Menyusu Si Kecil" (Challenges in Breastfeeding Your Child). With me were three other mothers, all Petronas employees.

The forum was to share our experience in breastfeeding as a fulltime working mom. Each of us have different challenges. I assume you all know what my challenge was, right? Travelling and fully breastfeeding (come on, if you don't know it yet, read the archive). The others had really interesting stories too!

One lady is breastfeeding by exclusive pumping. You heard that right. Her child refuses to direct feed so she pumps all the time! The other lady works in a 'hazardous' environment and still breastfeeds her child. The other happens to be the president of the breastfeeding support group, who, like me, travels a lot. And yet she managed to breastfeed all 4 of her children!

It was truly inspiring listening to their stories and I hope what I shared also helped inspire the ladies of Petronas (also known as Petronita) in breastfeeding.

You know, I've always wanted to share my experience with an audience. I'm glad I was given chance to do so :)


mommyNadia said...

Great job momma!!
This has inspired me to continue bf my 2nd child till 2years..InsyaAllah..

Keyphochee said...

sangat teruja...lepas ni buat kat MinDef pulak...congrats Irin..

Yaati Nor said...

seronoknya ada kumpulan macam nie kat pejabat..opis saya mcm syok sendiri je kampen kat kawan2..