Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sharing Is Caring

InsyaAllah, if all goes well I will be giving my first talk on breastfeeding. Well, not exactly the how-to's (coz I'm no lactationist) but more of experience sharing. I am super excited!

However just to book my date was a challenge by itself. The organizer had to change the date a number of times due to my unpredictable schedule. And this particular event will only take place in May!

Oh well, I really look forward for the talk and hope my experience will somehow help other working moms in facing breastfeeding challenges.

I was looking through some pictures for the talk when I found some interesting ones that were lost in the thousands of pictures taken of Raees and me. They bring back fond memories of my breastfeeding years...

...and the many months of MANUAL pumping. I'm still amazed that there was a time when this bottle couldn't hold all my milk from one pumping. I was a milk factory!

...and I saw a few things I miss. Like my favourite sunglasses that has gone MIA, my long hair which I have cut shorter recently and my much slimmer figure (I've gained, trust me).

And the best photos I found were definitely of chubby baby Raees...



lily lotus said...

all the best for the talk :) u actually inspire me...a lot, i'm expecting n hopefully can fully bf.

suria said...

I owe u the letter.try to send it by next week!

airin diana said...

irin, raees did look so chubby. now slimmer and more active ;)

IRIN PUTRI said...

Lily: really? Oh yay! It feels so good to inspire :)

Suria: no worries! Nothing else came up so it all looks good.

Airin: he's gaining 1kg/month this year!