Thursday, March 22, 2012

My First Visit To The Play Gym

Mommy left me!!

Left me at a fun place though. So I didn't complain and just explored this interesting, colourful, wide-open space. Can you find me in this picture? :)

This is mommy's idea of getting me to meet other kids my age and socialise. I was supposed to play with the other kids. But it was my first time there and I was more interested to explore and play what I wanna play.

They kept on switching games after a few minutes. The next one was in the room. I was carried in there, much to my dismay coz I wanted to stay outside. All they did in there was sing and clap. I know I'm suppose to enjoy it but I wasn't!

Because I cried quite loudly, I guess it disturbed the others who were happily singing. So they let me out.

Ahh..that's more like it.

Then the other kids came out and started playing. The teachers made me join in. Although I joined them for a while I didn't interact with the others. Just minded my own business.

I spent an hour there. I cried twice, which was each time they brought us into the room. Besides that, I was cool all the way.

Oh, with all that playing...I was flat out!

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Raees And The Ladies' Day Out

Last weekend, while Mer was tied up with work, I spent the whole day with my mom and of course, Raees. One place on our agenda was Sunway Pyramid. It was mainly because there was an interesting event going on at the concourse just for parents and kids. The Friso GUT event to be exact!
Before taking part in the exciting activities, we had to register ourselves and get a passport. I asked Raees to help hold the passport, but he decided to do origami with it.
We went to the interactive tunnel first. There were 3 games in there – Lily Pad, Fly Butterfly Fly and Mad Monkeys.
We put the stroller aside and took our place in the queue.
It was a lil bit dark in there though so the pictures didn’t come out quite right. Nevertheless Raees had fun running around on the Lily Pad – a floor with animated characters that follows our footsteps. Very nice! And then there’s the Fly Butterfly Fly – a game where we need to touch the cocoon and then touch the butterflies as they fly around the screen. Interesting, right? :)
Too bad Raees is a tad too small for the Mad Monkey game. He did the monkey expression instead…haha!

As soon as we exited the tunnel, we met with another queue. By this time Raees was getting restless coz it was lunchtime. Luckily we brought his favourite cookies along to keep him calm while we wait for our turn.
Up next..we decorated our own picture! There was this cool console with motion censor camera on top. It took our picture and walaa! It’s up on the big screen. We were free to decorate it by choosing the background and images. We were also asked to write something…the Friso lady suggested things like “Happy Family” or something along that line. Looking at Raees munching on his cookie, I only had one thing in mind…
It was printed for us to bring home…nice!
We didn’t manage to explore all the activities there, as Raees was getting crankier and hungrier by the minute. I’m sure he would’ve enjoyed the arts and crafts section…
Even so, we had a great time at the Friso GUT event. I’m sure Raees wouldn’t mind going again! In fact, the next one will be at Aeon Bukit Indah, Johor Bahru (13-18 March) and at Queensbay Mall, Penang (5-8 April).