Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Revisiting Bersamamu Friend

While I was in Kelantan, I also visited Siti Rokiah, whose family was featured in Bersamamu July last year.

Her father is deaf and mute. Her mother has nerve problems that affected her speech and movement.

Here's Siti with her daughter and her mom..

Her 21 year old sister may look ok seating down this way..

But when she stands up, her whole body transforms. She has severe curved spine (scoliosis) that forces her body to bend backwards at possibly 45 degree angle.

Conscious of her appearance, she hardly steps out of the house. On top of that, she also relies on hearing aid to hear.

During my visit, I did some catching up with her and found out they received quite a substantial amount of donations after appearing on Bersamamu. It was timely because not long after that her mother fell sick and was hospitalized for a month.

After being discharged, she couldn't walk anymore. Luckily they have a wheelchair that was donated to them during the show.

One month later she was hospitalized again due to breathing difficulty. She's still at the hospital now..with a hole at her throat and breathing with the help of a machine.

She can only come home if she has her own machine. It costs RM40k! The hospital is still trying to find a way to funds for her.

According to Siti, although the donations received couldn't get her the machine, at least it helps cover other expenses for her mom like diapers and basic needs.

Despite it all, Siti remains cheerful and has a positive outlook on life. The world could use more people like her, kan?

Siti just delivered her second baby girl. Having 2 children in about a year while her family relies on her a lot is just another reason why she is just amazing.

It's people like her that gives inspiration to me and I believe to many more out there.

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