Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Raees The Explorer

OK, by now you know that I’m an expert with the iPad. What? You didn’t know? I am, really! Even my cousin Raiyan is impressed!

Here you see me showing off my apps.
I’ve explored various apps within the iPad, thanks to daddy for downloading and purchasing some of them. The educational apps are a lot of fun to play around with and it keeps me occupied for a long time (much to my parents’ delight).

But of course, I don’t just play with the iPad all day long. Did you know I got a new friend? An indoor cat named Tommy. At first I was afraid of it. I ran away every time it came near me (FYI, Tommy fancies me. He chases me around the house!).
Anyway, mommy wanted the two of us to co-exist in harmony so she kept on holding the cat in her hands and bringing it close to me. Then she goes, “Tommy is a cat! Meow!!”

Well, her tactic worked. Within a few days I braved myself to touch Tommy with one finger, iPad style.
Then I touched his fur, whiskers and later tried to touch his tail with my feet but was stopped by mommy. I was just gonna touch it, not step on it. Relax lah mommy. Tommy and me are buddies now :)

But even so, I’m never left alone with Tommy. Mommy’s always around just in case he gets over excited and accidentally scratches me. Don’t want that to happen now do we?

Mommy says this is part of Growing Up Together. You know, playing and exploring with her by my side, joining in the fun.

For example, you know how much I love water right? Recently we went on another vacation and stayed at this hotel with a massive pool!
It has 3 amazing pools for kids with mushrooms and slides..

Believe it or not, mommy actually went down the slide with me! She wasn’t shy at all..haha! What an amazing experience that was!

But most of the time I enjoyed sitting at the end of the water slide, feeling the water rush down. Luckily other kids didn’t complain as I conquered the slide.
You see, this Growing Up Together (GUT) concept is supported by Friso and it’s something mommy really loves. Although she’s busy traveling around, she always finds time to explore with me. Yes, I am one curious kid!

At the same time, she also ensures that I get a balanced diet every single day so I can play as much as I want. Good for me since I love to eat and I am not a picky eater. Did you know I’ve gained 1kg since I weaned off? And it has only been 1 month!

Anyway, I was told that there’s gonna be an exciting event called Friso GUT Days Event where there will be tons of exciting activities for kids, mommies and daddies! And it’s happening at 4 different places around Malaysia, starting this week at One Utama.

And you’ll never guess how they launched it – WITH A TALKING NEWSPAPER! I know, a newspaper? Talk? That’s unheard off! Look out for this in the News Straits Times...
You wanna know more about Friso GUT Days Event? Well, you can check out this website. Uh, interactive tunnel, craft stations, free gifts?! Let’s goooo!


mommyNadia said...

A big boy Raees already ;)
Budak skrang mmg sgt celik IT kan..all gadgets boleh handle..

Farina said...

hi there..may i know kat hotel mana you bawa your son yg ada 3 children pools tu? would love to bring mine there! :) thanks!

AngryBird's said...

da big boy, cute rambut kerinting...hug for raees aryan