Thursday, February 09, 2012

The New Kitty Cat

Coincidentally, the first episode of MagSeven was also shot in Kelantan back in December 2010 and also about an animal lover.

People call her Kittun and she is the ultimate Bengal cat lover.

She imports bengals from overseas and breed them at her house. The cats live in the ultimate cat house - made of glass and equipped with 5 horse power air-condition and CCTV!

Here I am with her latest Bengal that was flown all the way from Russia. Notice the exotic spots?

And during my recent trip to the east coast, I didn't come back alone. I brought back one white bengal kitten from her cattery!

Here's a look at the cat's trip from KB to KL..

So off to the cargo he went while I took my seat at the cabin.

As we arrived KLIA, he was brought to me personally by the airport staff.

Welcome to your new home, Sir Tommy Hedwig!

I know, I know, it's very the English. Got the name from Harry Potter :)

Tommy is the cuter version of Tom Riddle (later known as Lord Voldermont, Harry Potter's arch nemesis). Hedwig is the name of Harry's owl.

We call him Tommy for short. Added the 'Sir' at the beginning just because :P

I bet the other lot will be totally jealous with our little Tommy since he gets to hang indoors while the rest are banned from entering the house.

A little message to hot granny Paris, graceful Leia, macho Harry, mischievous Snowy:

Sorry gang, you guys are Persians. You know how paranoid my mom would be if she sees your fur flying around and sticking on the sofa etc. Don't hate Tommy too much. You guys still rock!

Sincere apologies,
Your master

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Fazreen Misbae said...

cute la kucing ni... :)

Nini D.. said...

hahaha...cute la little msg u!

mommyNadia said...

I watch the episode, 2 times..kagum betul tgk how she managed the cats..dah lah cantik betul..

Yaati Nor said...

irin punye bengal jgk ke?kwn asben saya pon ada bela..mcm anak harimau bintang je..takut pulak klu tak jinak..Magseven kena jumpa kwn asben saya la..dia ada bela ulor sawa dan makanannya tikus..bela dalam umah mcm meriah je..hihihihh

Puteri said...


kayna said...

hahaha... kesian all the persians... bet they all pun ada terfikir, "kenapalah I dilahirkan as a persian." ROTFLOL.