Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bersamamu: Behind The Scene 2

I guess you guys noticed that I've been blogging more often lately and a lot more about work. That's because my 2012 resolution is to have a balance of work and personal entries in this blog, plus increasing the frequency of updates. Hooray!

Anyways, I was in Kedah recently to shoot double episodes of Bersamamu, one of which was aired last night. Here's the team fooling around at the school..

And in order to get a nice background for the headmistress' interview, this was what we had to do...

We were leaving the school and going to the respondent's house. However their bicycle chain broke and the house is about 5 km away. So you see, what you saw on TV last night was real and not a mock up. Anyways, we brought them home in the TV3 van...

We couldn't leave the broken bicycle just like that since it can still be fixed. It couldn't fit in the van either because there were so many of us. Next option..

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Our technician, Mus (in green) and assistant producer, Mohd Rose, came to the bicycle's rescue. With nothing to hold the bicycle in place as it hitched a ride on top of our van, the 2 men held it all the way back home. Mind you the road leading to the house wasn't entirely smooth and there were branches sticking out. Nevertheless they pulled it off *applause*

We put the broken bike aside for a moment coz the kids got brand new ones! I even went for a test drive, you know, just to make sure the bikes work properly ;)

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