Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Raees The Explorer

OK, by now you know that I’m an expert with the iPad. What? You didn’t know? I am, really! Even my cousin Raiyan is impressed!

Here you see me showing off my apps.
I’ve explored various apps within the iPad, thanks to daddy for downloading and purchasing some of them. The educational apps are a lot of fun to play around with and it keeps me occupied for a long time (much to my parents’ delight).

But of course, I don’t just play with the iPad all day long. Did you know I got a new friend? An indoor cat named Tommy. At first I was afraid of it. I ran away every time it came near me (FYI, Tommy fancies me. He chases me around the house!).
Anyway, mommy wanted the two of us to co-exist in harmony so she kept on holding the cat in her hands and bringing it close to me. Then she goes, “Tommy is a cat! Meow!!”

Well, her tactic worked. Within a few days I braved myself to touch Tommy with one finger, iPad style.
Then I touched his fur, whiskers and later tried to touch his tail with my feet but was stopped by mommy. I was just gonna touch it, not step on it. Relax lah mommy. Tommy and me are buddies now :)

But even so, I’m never left alone with Tommy. Mommy’s always around just in case he gets over excited and accidentally scratches me. Don’t want that to happen now do we?

Mommy says this is part of Growing Up Together. You know, playing and exploring with her by my side, joining in the fun.

For example, you know how much I love water right? Recently we went on another vacation and stayed at this hotel with a massive pool!
It has 3 amazing pools for kids with mushrooms and slides..

Believe it or not, mommy actually went down the slide with me! She wasn’t shy at all..haha! What an amazing experience that was!

But most of the time I enjoyed sitting at the end of the water slide, feeling the water rush down. Luckily other kids didn’t complain as I conquered the slide.
You see, this Growing Up Together (GUT) concept is supported by Friso and it’s something mommy really loves. Although she’s busy traveling around, she always finds time to explore with me. Yes, I am one curious kid!

At the same time, she also ensures that I get a balanced diet every single day so I can play as much as I want. Good for me since I love to eat and I am not a picky eater. Did you know I’ve gained 1kg since I weaned off? And it has only been 1 month!

Anyway, I was told that there’s gonna be an exciting event called Friso GUT Days Event where there will be tons of exciting activities for kids, mommies and daddies! And it’s happening at 4 different places around Malaysia, starting this week at One Utama.

And you’ll never guess how they launched it – WITH A TALKING NEWSPAPER! I know, a newspaper? Talk? That’s unheard off! Look out for this in the News Straits Times...
You wanna know more about Friso GUT Days Event? Well, you can check out this website. Uh, interactive tunnel, craft stations, free gifts?! Let’s goooo!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bersamamu: Behind The Scene 2

I guess you guys noticed that I've been blogging more often lately and a lot more about work. That's because my 2012 resolution is to have a balance of work and personal entries in this blog, plus increasing the frequency of updates. Hooray!

Anyways, I was in Kedah recently to shoot double episodes of Bersamamu, one of which was aired last night. Here's the team fooling around at the school..

And in order to get a nice background for the headmistress' interview, this was what we had to do...

We were leaving the school and going to the respondent's house. However their bicycle chain broke and the house is about 5 km away. So you see, what you saw on TV last night was real and not a mock up. Anyways, we brought them home in the TV3 van...

We couldn't leave the broken bicycle just like that since it can still be fixed. It couldn't fit in the van either because there were so many of us. Next option..

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Our technician, Mus (in green) and assistant producer, Mohd Rose, came to the bicycle's rescue. With nothing to hold the bicycle in place as it hitched a ride on top of our van, the 2 men held it all the way back home. Mind you the road leading to the house wasn't entirely smooth and there were branches sticking out. Nevertheless they pulled it off *applause*

We put the broken bike aside for a moment coz the kids got brand new ones! I even went for a test drive, you know, just to make sure the bikes work properly ;)

Thursday, February 09, 2012

The New Kitty Cat

Coincidentally, the first episode of MagSeven was also shot in Kelantan back in December 2010 and also about an animal lover.

People call her Kittun and she is the ultimate Bengal cat lover.

She imports bengals from overseas and breed them at her house. The cats live in the ultimate cat house - made of glass and equipped with 5 horse power air-condition and CCTV!

Here I am with her latest Bengal that was flown all the way from Russia. Notice the exotic spots?

And during my recent trip to the east coast, I didn't come back alone. I brought back one white bengal kitten from her cattery!

Here's a look at the cat's trip from KB to KL..

So off to the cargo he went while I took my seat at the cabin.

As we arrived KLIA, he was brought to me personally by the airport staff.

Welcome to your new home, Sir Tommy Hedwig!

I know, I know, it's very the English. Got the name from Harry Potter :)

Tommy is the cuter version of Tom Riddle (later known as Lord Voldermont, Harry Potter's arch nemesis). Hedwig is the name of Harry's owl.

We call him Tommy for short. Added the 'Sir' at the beginning just because :P

I bet the other lot will be totally jealous with our little Tommy since he gets to hang indoors while the rest are banned from entering the house.

A little message to hot granny Paris, graceful Leia, macho Harry, mischievous Snowy:

Sorry gang, you guys are Persians. You know how paranoid my mom would be if she sees your fur flying around and sticking on the sofa etc. Don't hate Tommy too much. You guys still rock!

Sincere apologies,
Your master

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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Revisiting Bersamamu Friend

While I was in Kelantan, I also visited Siti Rokiah, whose family was featured in Bersamamu July last year.

Her father is deaf and mute. Her mother has nerve problems that affected her speech and movement.

Here's Siti with her daughter and her mom..

Her 21 year old sister may look ok seating down this way..

But when she stands up, her whole body transforms. She has severe curved spine (scoliosis) that forces her body to bend backwards at possibly 45 degree angle.

Conscious of her appearance, she hardly steps out of the house. On top of that, she also relies on hearing aid to hear.

During my visit, I did some catching up with her and found out they received quite a substantial amount of donations after appearing on Bersamamu. It was timely because not long after that her mother fell sick and was hospitalized for a month.

After being discharged, she couldn't walk anymore. Luckily they have a wheelchair that was donated to them during the show.

One month later she was hospitalized again due to breathing difficulty. She's still at the hospital now..with a hole at her throat and breathing with the help of a machine.

She can only come home if she has her own machine. It costs RM40k! The hospital is still trying to find a way to funds for her.

According to Siti, although the donations received couldn't get her the machine, at least it helps cover other expenses for her mom like diapers and basic needs.

Despite it all, Siti remains cheerful and has a positive outlook on life. The world could use more people like her, kan?

Siti just delivered her second baby girl. Having 2 children in about a year while her family relies on her a lot is just another reason why she is just amazing.

It's people like her that gives inspiration to me and I believe to many more out there.

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Friday, February 03, 2012

Bersamamu: Behind The Scene 1

While shooting Bersamamu yesterday, the kind respondents served us style.

This behind the scene photo is one of the many photos I will share soon :)

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The Real Twitters

This bird is called Red-Whiskered Bulbul, or better known as burung candek.

Many Kelantanese, mainly the men, are crazy over them. And guess how much someone would pay for it?

RM20k!!! One can almost buy a car with this bird! And it's not any kind of investment but merely a hobby.

The reason why people pay so much for this bird is not because of its appearance, but its voice. The more it chirps, the more valuable it is because they will have a better chance of winning at the bird singing competition. You heard that right!

The competition is held every Friday and Saturday in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. When I was there shooting this interesting story for MagSeven, there were almost 300 birds competing. The champion gets RM130.

OK I may have exaggerated with the RM20k bird earlier. It was just one isolated case. Not all the birds are worth that much. Usually the good ones are around RM1000-6000. The wild birds cost just RM150, which take years to train until they chirp beautifully.

Don't know about you but for a non-bird enthusiast like me, I wouldn't pay RM100 for the burung candek..unless they can talk.

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