Monday, January 09, 2012

The Wedding Singer

Happy new year people! It's about a week into 2012 and there's so much to share! I shall start in the order of events. First up...

As 2011 was coming to an end, Ezmir's not so little brother and sister in law got married! Yes, double wedding! But not organized together though. Bro Ali and Alya got hitched back in late October...
...and sis Fiza and Afzal in early December. 
Fiza's wedding reception was held at Empire Hotel, Subang. Having been in contact with Jazz Community Malaysia for MagSeven recently, I got a jazz band, Chamil & The Band, and solo guitarist-singer Niqi, to perform at the reception. And they were Ah-mazing! They began by performing the wedding must-have song 'Direnjis-renjis Dipilis' in jazz.

Prior to the event, I *secretly* discussed with the band about singing at the wedding, as a surprise for the bride and groom. The only practice I had with the band was about an hour before the event began..acoustically because the sound system was still being set up. That night I was super nervous, I didn't really eat afraid it would affect my voice somehow. I was invited on stage during dinner and off I went and did my thing...
I only performed one song. Didn't wanna steal the bride and groom's thunder pulak (haha!). Later that night after the wedding, as the guests were mingling and taking pictures, the band went on to jam through the night. 

Then Mer's aunt requested for me to sing a Malay song. Just so happen the band wanted me to jam with we agreed on a song and I did an impromptu performance to a 3/4 empty hall. This was also the last performance for the night.
I've always wanted to sing/jam with a band. Back then Sri Pentas had a jamming studio and my colleagues and I jammed almost everyday! Being able to perform live like this is just an amazing feeling. I like! 

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