Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mission: Weaning - Complete!

Raees was on EBM for about a week before we introduced him to formula. I've always been afraid he would reject it, knowing how fussy he is.

So we started mixing the formula in EBM slowly and he drank it all without any complains!

I had to increase the amount of formula quicker than planned coz my supply became dangerously low and I was going outstation for a shoot.

Here's the EBM-formula division...

9 Jan 2012
4/5 breast milk + 1/5 formula

10 Jan 2012
1/2 breast milk + 1/2 formula

11 Jan 2012
1/3 breast milk + 2/3 formula

12 Jan 2012
1/6 breast milk + 5/6 formula

After this I expected him to be on full formula. As if knowing that he's about to be totally weaned off, he refused to drink altogether. He just pushed the bottle away without even tasting it. Probably a sign of protest.

He hasn't had a drop of milk for the last 48 hours. And I'm already on my way to Penang for work. So it's safe to say, Raees has totally weaned off now.

The last drop of breast milk he had was on 12 Jan 2012, in the afternoon while I was at work.

In total, Raees breastfed for 2 years, 4 months, 2 weeks and 4 days.

To celebrate this day, he got a much-needed hair cut :)


Nini D.. said...

congrats dear...u made it!

amiey lee said...

congratssss.... alhamdulillah... me baru 1 year 6 month

amirah said...

congrats..!!m 32 weeks preggie now and stil can't wean my son off the breast..sebab sian dah introduced FM and luckily he can accept it said...

congrats irin!

~farah~ said...

congrats! tp sure sedihkan? xpe, preggy lagi pasni :) btw, here is my blog link :)

diana said...

congrats!! wow..ur weaning off phase sounded smooth and easy..jeles laa..hehe..
I am still fully bf my 26mths old toddler..I just don't know howww to wean him off, kesian ade, tak displine ade, tak consistent ade..hehe..and I have not gone to 'putting something on the boobs phase'..hehe..My son hates other milk, fresh milk, FM, UHT milk, flavored milk, vitagen..u name it..sighh..I am just worried that if I stop now, will he get enough calcium just from his food? What is you boy taking now Irin, for calcium intake? but I am not even sure if my milk has much calcium now, he seems to be taking it as for hilang2 haus only..hehe
Okay maybe I should make FM paste and do it like you did! hehe..wish me luck! and congrats again Irin!

IRIN PUTRI said...

thanks girls :)

diana: i was worried in the beginning too. but later on i found out from experts that 2 year olds actually don't need growing up milk. they get enough nutrition from solid food.

raees hates other milk too. but luckily by mixing it with FM and slowly reducing breastmilk worked for Raees' weaning process. Give it a try. good luck!