Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My First Beach Getaway

Hello aunties and uncles! I'm loving 2012! It's because it began with the most AWESOME vacation in my almost 2.5-year existence! Here I am behind the wheel on the way to our destination - Kuantan, Pahang! 
I was SO excited that I didn't sleep throughout the journey. In fact, I was on the car seat the WHOLE TIME. Mommy was so pleased. It was raining along the way, quite heavily at one point. Daddy was worried that we might not be able to enjoy the outdoors. It was monsoon season.

So we reached our hotel and guess what? The rain stopped! Yahoo! It's as if God knew we were reaching. I went straight to our room's balcony to check out the view. I liked what I saw!
We didn't waste any time. The weather was cloudy but it wasn't raining. I was brought straight down to check out the pool - or so I thought. I was surprised why we walked passed the pool. I hesitated at first but decided to just follow them to this place with tons of sand.

Little did I know, they were bringing me to the mother of all pools!  
And the water kept on teasing me. Although I stood a bit further from the water, it kept coming to me over and over again.
So that was my introduction to the beach and the sea :)

Next up, swimming! This time around mommy was confident in letting me swim without the float, for once!
Wasn't much of a swim anyway. More like walking in water and splashing around.
That was the end of the first day in Kuantan. Being new to the beach, daddy said "I will let you play at the beach as much as you want."


So the next day, we went for a walk along the beach first thing after was rather sunny this time.

Mommy decided to dress me up in this bright hawaiian attire. Daddy thinks I looked a bit overdressed but mommy insisted. It's because she bought it 1.5 years ago and I never had the chance to wear it since I never went to the beach!
But orange really makes the pictures look nice, kan? And the blue sky...oh my!
Although it didn't rain, the weather was getting uncomfortably hot. Another round of swimming and I was back in the room.
We had lunch and I napped while waiting for the weather to cool down. Being the monsoon season in Pahang, we were lucky it didn't rain at all on that day.

I went back to the beach that evening when the weather was just nice. This time around we spend about 2 hours just playing with water. It was the most awesome experience ever!
That night, the hotel had this huge party to welcome the new year. Not interested in all that, I went down, in my cute little pajamas, simply to play some games...

I think I played for a good 1.5 hours. Totally flat out..I was already in lalaland just a few minutes before the stroke of midnight. I missed the fireworks!
The next day, before we left, daddy once again brought me to the beach. After all that fun, it's only natural that I slept all the way back home...
There you have it, aunties and uncles - first beach getaway :)


Nini D.. said...

sweet sgt Raes pakai kaler orange!

Anonymous said...

salam..may I know where to get the steering son really like to sit on the driver seat..thanks irin if u dun mind to share :)

IRIN PUTRI said...

i got it at mothercare bangsar about 2 years back. i don't see it there anymore though. it's meant to keep kids occupied on the highchair.

Anonymous said...

thanks irin - regards, Adilah