Monday, January 09, 2012

Mission: Weaning

My little family spent the new year in Kuantan. Finally we went on vacation!
I will write about it soon but what happened post vacation is what's interesting..

1 Jan 2012
We were back from vacation. Raees was breastfed to sleep, as usual.

2 Jan 2012
Woke up, as usual. Transferred from crib to the bed, again as usual. The only unusual thing about that night was, he continued sleeping! He didn't help himself to milk!

Knowing Raees, he would wake up for milk every 2-3 hours. I can't believe he didn't! What surprised me most, he woke up all happy and cheerful...and didn't ask for milk!

He was probably extremely tired after the vacation but I took this as a sign to start weaning him off. I quickly went to the kitchen and made a 'paste' to apply on my nippies. This is attempt no.2. The first time I attempted to wean him off was about a month back. I used coffee. But he didn't seem to mind the taste. So the first attempt was a total failure.

There's a collection of formula that we attempted to give him but just the sight of milk is enough to put him off. That's why my mom and Mer both thought this time I could apply the formula to wean him off.

So I made a formula paste and applied it.

Throughout the day he asked for milk about 4 times (by asked I mean he self serviced). Each time he didn't like what he saw and went on to do other things. Just like that! No crying, nothing.

3 Jan 2012
Woke up for milk. Again didn't like what he saw but tried tasting it anyway. He was put off and went back to sleep. He was so restless that it took him 2 hours to finally settle down.
It was a work day. Usually when I get back from work, Raees would straight away 'attack' me (ala rugby player) to get milk. But not anymore. From this day onwards, he has stopped searching for milk!

I offered him EBM. Usually he never accepts the bottle from me. But today, he did! It was history in the making. It was also a significant milestone in the weaning process.

Not used to holding his own bottle

So that was all it took for Raees to wean off the boob. Next is to introduce formula. I've been pumping twice daily and he's still on EBM. I really hope he will accept formula with open arms. My milk production is decreasing rapidly.

It's been a week since he last latched on. Somehow I miss breastfeeding..but hey, it's for the best. He's a big boy now. Since weaning off, he seems more macho and less whiny too.

The only trouble we face now is he's becoming a terrible sleeper. He's restless and wakes up around 5-6am no matter how late he sleeps. The other day he slept early,10pm. He woke up at 3am and stayed awake til 8am! *pengsan*
A week earlier I would've breastfed him and he would go right back to sleep. Now I don't have the upper hand anymore and couldn't put him to sleep as easily. I hope this is just a phase. I look forward to my quality goodnight's rest. Soon, I hope!


airin diana said...

it's the best for him,irin.i guess he will be more macho n independent.somehow u'll miss the bf-ing journey.but i guess it is almost time for irin jr rite? hihi

Nini D.. said...

xpe..pelan2...everything will be ok! :)

ibuhebat said...

seronoknya dapat menyusukan tilll 2years! Hope i can achieve that too! do visit my blog :)

Suliana said...

Sian raees..tpi nk buat cmna, nk xnk kena laluinya kan.. Terigt time i wean off aqil, sdh sgt. Huhu..

Noraini said...

Hi Irin!love to read ur blog!! u bf for 2years +++ rite?so does it mean u didn't give him solid food at all?or u still bf + solid?

IRIN PUTRI said...

Of course bf + solid. They only bf exclusively for the first 6 mths :)