Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Lil' Reminder For My Boy

Dear Raees,

Hosting Bersamamu is a very humbling experience for mommy. I wish you could learn a thing or two from what mommy's been through..

Mommy had the chance to revisit Persatuan Sokongan Ibu & Anak Kurang Upaya (PSIAKU) Azwar in Gombak recently. It's just a single story corner lot house where moms and their children gather. The thing about their children is, they were born unwell (bedridden). Some may call them 'vegetable' because they cannot move by themselves, let alone feed or clean themselves. Their mommies have to do everything for them. They have to be treated like babies...for life.

Raees, meet Natasha. She's 6 years old and also one of the kids who are unwell. Here you see her leaning on her mommy..
They live in a flat on the second floor...and it doesn't have a lift. So her mommy carries her up and down 4 flight of stairs every single day! Did I tell you that Natasha is 33 kg? It's amazing that her mommy has been carrying her all these years! Although her mommy did mention that they fell at the stairs many times already.

You see, Natasha is one out of about 80 kids that are registered here since 2009. But until today, about 20 of them passed away already. Sad but true. These kids have short life 
expectancy, in other words, they don't live very long. While mommy was there the first time, one boy had seizure! Just because his mommy forgot to give him his medication that day.
I hope I can go back there and bring you along, Raees. You'll see the world in a bigger perspective. You'll learn to appreciate life and not sweat the small stuff. These kids would do anything to be in your position. Be thankful and don't forget to say Alhamdulillah for all that God has given you.



mommyNadia said...

owh dear..sayu nye..
such a sweet letter to raees!!

Anonymous said...

its totally true..bersamamu, u will see world in bigger perspective..

Misae said...

it's not just a reminder for raees. it's a reminder for those who read this entry. thanks...a lot

BLADE EDGE said...

kesian la pulak, kpd sesiapa yg ada anak2 yg sempurna sifat tu kene la bsyukur...

Mick's Mama said...

This entry really touched me Irin. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

thanx a lot,,yup btul tu Misae,, peringatan utk semua..tabah sungguh ibu2 diorang ni kan,,

smlm tak dan nk tgk kt tv,,hope ada dlm tonton

Ida said...

Alhamdulillah untuk apa yang kita adakan..

Anonymous said...


utk semua rancangan bersamamu kalau dapat letak no akaun bank lagi memudahkan utk bantuan..kadang2 tak sempat nak salin kat tv..