Tuesday, November 29, 2011

All That Jazz

Recently I produced a documentary for MagSeven titled 'Jazz For Our Soul'. The feature was mainly about jazz music enthusiasts - Imran Aiman the young saxophonist, Zailan Razak the well-established music director/world-class bassist/jazz guru and Danial his 12 year old son/superb drummer.

They come together as part of Jazz Community - a weekly gathering for jazz musicians to showcase their talents to the public (for free!).

I was shooting at Jazz Community Cyberjaya. One of the performers, a busker in fact, requested me to sing a song. I looked through his song book and found a song that I'm familiar with. Well, it may not be much of a jazz number but it's one of my favourites. Mind you, I'm no singer nor performer. Hence, I merely moved in place. Back and forth, light head banging...haha! Ah well, this is me giving Cranberries' Zombie a go...

Later at night we had Zailan's band to perform as climax of the show. While I was shooting with him and his son 2 days prior to the event, he had requested me to sing during Jazz Community. I had 2 songs in mind. But on the day of the event, he said he wasn't familiar with them. So on impulse I thought of a retro song that I liked (but usually requires a lot of practice before being able to pull it off nicely). I gambled with my song choice and sang I Will Survive 4 keys lower...

Professional singers would've danced through the whole song...but I'm no dancer. Not particularly satisfied with my performance but ah well, I survived it. And now I can say I've performed with one of Malaysia's best bassist! :)

So here's the full documentary that I did for MagSeven. I don't mean to carry my own basket (angkat bakul sendiri) but it's one of the most enjoyable stories I've done. Editing it was torturous though because I had 8 hours worth of visuals that I needed to cut down to 24 minutes (within 3 days!). But i completed the script within 2 hours only, mainly because there's not much scripting involved. Just a whole lotta music.

So here it is, Jazz For Our Soul.. I'm sure you'll enjoy it too :)

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