Tuesday, November 29, 2011

All That Jazz

Recently I produced a documentary for MagSeven titled 'Jazz For Our Soul'. The feature was mainly about jazz music enthusiasts - Imran Aiman the young saxophonist, Zailan Razak the well-established music director/world-class bassist/jazz guru and Danial his 12 year old son/superb drummer.

They come together as part of Jazz Community - a weekly gathering for jazz musicians to showcase their talents to the public (for free!).

I was shooting at Jazz Community Cyberjaya. One of the performers, a busker in fact, requested me to sing a song. I looked through his song book and found a song that I'm familiar with. Well, it may not be much of a jazz number but it's one of my favourites. Mind you, I'm no singer nor performer. Hence, I merely moved in place. Back and forth, light head banging...haha! Ah well, this is me giving Cranberries' Zombie a go...

Later at night we had Zailan's band to perform as climax of the show. While I was shooting with him and his son 2 days prior to the event, he had requested me to sing during Jazz Community. I had 2 songs in mind. But on the day of the event, he said he wasn't familiar with them. So on impulse I thought of a retro song that I liked (but usually requires a lot of practice before being able to pull it off nicely). I gambled with my song choice and sang I Will Survive 4 keys lower...

Professional singers would've danced through the whole song...but I'm no dancer. Not particularly satisfied with my performance but ah well, I survived it. And now I can say I've performed with one of Malaysia's best bassist! :)

So here's the full documentary that I did for MagSeven. I don't mean to carry my own basket (angkat bakul sendiri) but it's one of the most enjoyable stories I've done. Editing it was torturous though because I had 8 hours worth of visuals that I needed to cut down to 24 minutes (within 3 days!). But i completed the script within 2 hours only, mainly because there's not much scripting involved. Just a whole lotta music.

So here it is, Jazz For Our Soul.. I'm sure you'll enjoy it too :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Breastfeeding Journey

OMG! I’ve been breastfeeding almost 2 1/4 years! I never thought I would go on THIS long. Thinking back, I still remember being very clueless about breastfeeding. I didn’t prepare for it much and no one told me to. All I did was buy a manual pump. I didn’t even have any breastfeeding attire to wear post delivery.
My mom didn’t breastfeed my siblings and me very long. It’s mainly because she received free supply of formula from the company my dad worked with. So she didn’t pay much attention in my breastfeeding preparation either.

But the moment I started breastfeeding, I didn’t stop. Along the way, I did a lot of reading about it and knew I was giving the best for my child. I doubted my ability to exclusively breastfeed after I return to work and put a formula on standby. It remains unopened until today.

On the other hand, I am known as a very picky eater and hardly took any vegetables when I was growing up (heck, until my 20s even). This (could’ve) resulted in me being a very small sized kid, which got my mom worried. At one point, she got my blood tested by a doctor to ensure I am not malnourished (results came back OK). 
Yes, I don’t eat as healthy as I should. I’m a big time sweet tooth. Gimme ice creams, cakes and chocolates anytime, I’ll take ‘em. Garden salad? I’ll pass. My favourite part in a buffet? The dessert table. I don’t even step foot at the salad bar. You get the point.

Anyway, this got me thinking, if I’m not exactly a healthy eater, am I giving my child enough nourishments? Or if all the nourishments go to him, what’s left for me? After over 2 years of breastfeeding, I now realise what I could’ve done to make things a whole lot better for both my boy and me.

Running through the Dumex website, I found out that Mamil Mama is formulated with essential vitamins and minerals to help refill the body’s nutrient stores. So now I’m an expert in breastfeeding (chewah!), all I need is that extra boost to provide my next child the right and adequate amount of nutrients for him/her even when he/she is all grown up.

And NO, I’m not pregnant.