Thursday, October 20, 2011

Before And After The Bug Attack

I see Raees' bug attack as a blessing in disguise. It feels like all that vomit somehow flushed out 'unwanted residues' and his tummy is finally showing its full potential. Because of that also, Raees changed so much!

1. Appetite
Before: He didn't eat much. Very picky and takes small portions at a time.
After: He's been eating like there's no tomorrow! We must always have some food on standby because he will get hungry really quickly and when he does, he cries or looks for me to breastfeed. I never thought he could eat as much as he does now! Here's his sample menu for a day:

Breakfast: 2-3 pieces of bread, 2 rusk biscuits, banana, whole lotta cornflakes
Lunch / Dinner: Rice with chicken and vege, nasi tambah (1 or more portion)
Snacks: rusk biscuits, cornflakes, fruits

2. Self-feed
Before: Hardly feeds himself. Relies on us to hand feed him every time.
After: He can eat finger food by himself. Finally! :)

3. Sleep
Before: Usual bed time was at 12-1am. Woke up every 2-3 hours to breastfeed.
After: Sleeps as early as 9.30pm! However he still wakes up at night. Until I wean him, I must endure this a little longer I guess.

4. Formula
Before: Refused formula all together
After: Despite the initial protest, Raees eventually settled down with the formula when I was away for 3 days! Because of this significant progress, I have stopped pumping at work as I foresee there's no need to store EBM anymore. I only direct feed him now. Am I not afraid if my supply drops, you ask? Well, I see this as part of the very slow process of weaning.

In all, I would say he is a much happier boy now. With all that food he's consuming, I bet he's gonna gain all that weight again, insyaAllah :)


bonda dadif aka akish said...

alhamdulillah...raees dah baek..

cm ank me...pon same...lepas kene muntah2...berak2...
selera dia...wahhh....asik nk makan bln kemudian...haiyok..balik kepade asal....tak berape nk makan...

sudahnye terpakse bg multivitamin..supeye dia suke makan balik...


ida khairani said...

bug apakah? bestlah lepas tu terus berselera makan.

IRIN PUTRI said...

bug = virus, bukan bug = serangga :)