Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Money Matters, Really!

Have you read? There’s RM1.1b worth of PTPTN loan that is unpaid! Glad to say I don’t contribute to that amount because I didn’t take loans during my MMU years. Phew! My parents had a bit of funds put aside that was enough to cover my foundation year. And for my degree, I didn’t have to worry as I received a scholarship.
My mom (especially) is very particular about savings – she made an effort to save up whenever possible. So I try my best to follow in her footsteps and save up the little money that I have left monthly by doing some investments.

One reason why we took our time to conceive Raees to begin with is because of our family and financial planning. When Mer and me got married, both our careers were taking off and we needed to further strengthen our financial (plus, my parents were out of the country – don’t want them to miss out on their very first grandchild right?).
When the time was right and the timing was perfect, Raees was born. I’ve been giving him a solid health foundation via breastfeeding him for 2 years (yes I’ve reached my target and so far going beyond it!) and soon to be on formula like Mamil Gold to continue strengthen his immunity.
Health – check. How about his future expenses?

Well, I made an effort to set up his own education fund when he was young as 6 months old. Talking about solid foundation, I’m amazed how Mamil Gold have thought so well for us as parents. They now are putting up ‘A Solid Foundation Contest’ with mechanics, with every purchase of Mamil Gold you will stand a chance to win WEEKLY, MONTHLY and GRAND PRIZE of MORE THAN RM600,000.
Hmm…Raees can have more than just 1 savings right? Maybe this is something you can look into too! Contest period starts from 1st September to 31st December. Now I have found an alternative solution for my boy’s education expenses.

Monday, September 05, 2011

iRaya With iPad

Hey there! That's me down there...

...with my buddy, Raees. Yeah, I'm his trusted iPad 2.

Most of the apps in me are dedicated to him, thanks to his dad for downloading them. Raees has gotten a hang on handling me and figured out how each application works.

Screen shot

Since then I go where ever he does. For instance, I was there when he went out for the last iftar with the family...

I was there when they went searching for his raya attire...

I was also there when he (finally) got his haircut by his grandma on Hari Raya morning...

I figure you could pretty much guess why I'm always around. It's the most convenient way to make him sit still and keep him occupied for a period of time. His parents sure got a lot to thank me for!

Ah, here you go! A much neater and manageable hair especially for Hari Raya and a complete baju melayu to go with it too...

Taking family pictures used to be a breeze. It would usually go on for what...10 minutes to get a few shots? Well, not with a 2 year old in the picture! For this year's family Raya picture, I became part of the family (sort of).

Go green!

Of course I did get breaks once in a while. While he went off playing or seeking forgiveness...

But when ever his parents needed him to stay put, I came to the rescue! Usually his cousins join in the fun too. OK, now I feel like a babysitter...
As usual, Raees needs time to warm up each time we get to other people's houses. Here you see him clinging on his mommy for dear life...

And then I made my entrance and tadaa! He's all sociable!

His parents could even leave him behind to eat and he wouldn't even mind. And it's all because of me. Sometimes there are those kids who like to hog me, much to his dismay. That's when he practiced sharing...or blocking.

Notice his leg?

It has been quite an awesome Hari Raya so far and I believe I played a big role :)

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir Batin from the rest of the family!