Monday, August 01, 2011

Mom-Host-Journalist Travels

Gotta admit, my life has gone haywire ever since hosting Bersamamu. Don't get me wrong, I love my job. I truly do. But the schedule is very demanding for a mommy like me. I'm required to go outstation almost every week. Usually a one night trip. That by itself is challenging enough.

Picture taken during most recent Bersamamu shoot

Not forgetting I'm still producing MagSeven on a monthly basis. For those not in the know, MagSeven is a 30 minute English documentary aired on NTV7. It's comparable to Majalah 3.

Klebang, Melaka

The most recent MagSeven shoot

You may notice a decline in my blog updates lately. Let me share how my life has been over the last 2 weeks:

14-15 July: Melaka (MagSeven shoot)
17 July: Johore (TV3 event)
19 July: Melaka (MagSeven shoot)
21-22 July: Johore (Bersamamu shoot in the day, MagSeven editing at night)
24 July: Melaka (MagSeven shoot)
25-27 July: editing, scripting, finalising MagSeven episode (didn't sleep for 1 night)
28 July: Banting (Bersamamu shoot)

Soon after that I took a 5-day long weekend to keep my sanity in check and spend quality mommy-son time.

It's times like this I feel guilty for leaving Raees behind. Lucky thing my mom takes care of him whenever I'm not around. But I pity her sometimes, having not much time to do things she wants to do because all time and energy are on him.

There were times she mentioned about not having time to cook/clean, having muscle strain coz Raees wanted to be carried around and more. We have a maid but she concentrates on house work only. Even so, my mom doesn't leave it all to the maid.

I've reached a point where I'm considering sending Raees to a nursery. It could give my mom a break and good for his social skills too. No?

Raees will turn 2 at the end of this month and he's still very much a booby baby. He doesn't accept other milk at the moment. Once he was forced to drink fresh milk/formula, he ended up rejecting EBM too. Took him a while to get over it. So as I travel around, I still bring back EBM for my one and only.

Anyway, I won't be slowing down this fasting month. Shoots still go on as usual. This week, it's Perak. On the road yet again!

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Thara said...

seriously, i have only the utmost respect for you! not many can pull this off, even i dont think i can do this! your career sounds really glamorous and fun, but who knows whats going on behind kan? it's for times like this that i believe that we should all be grateful for the career path that God has set for all of us kan.

anyhow, you can do it mommy! all of this is for raees jugak, so don't worry much because i believe this will all be worth it! :)

Nini D.. said...

please take care of yourself..have rest..

Hazrey said...

Ok, dah boleh take over from Nasha Aziz as supermak.

BLADE EDGE said...

salam irin...

and the baby also growing bigger n happier :-D hahaha

Suliana said...

long time no see :-) take care tau.. after this take a long break ..

yayin said...

how DO u do it?!?!
really admire ur head-strong perseverence, babe.. wish i could be like that, too

Suzie said...

yup please take a rest for yourself,go for a vaccay with ur family maybe?yeah one sweet time hopefully kan?dgn ur schedule yg hectic *pengsan*

BB Luvs Me said...

nice blog!!!!

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