Monday, August 22, 2011

The Kids Of The Abandoned Surau

Fasting month is the time to give and share with the less fortunate. That's why me and the Bersamamu team were invited to quite a number of break fast functions where donations were given to the TV3 Bersamamu fund.

The kids in welfare homes are among the busiest this month as the receive countless donations and invitations for break fast. My visit to welfare home in Klang for Singgah Sahur recently amazed me as the building was totally new, clean and in tiptop condition. Alhamdulillah those kids are in good hands.

However there's one welfare home in Taiping, Perak that isn't as lucky. A group of 17 boys call an abandoned surau their home. Their caretaker works doubly hard to make ends meet with the limited funds he has. Bersamamu decided to highlight this particular welfare home in hopes to help ease their burden especially with the upcoming Hari Raya.

I had fun being with the kids. They seem to like me more after I helped them with their math homework - my favourite subject btw. I was told they were very difficult to handle initially - stubborn, attitude, aggressive and not interested in school. Now, after a year they've mellowed down and became more obedient.

The youngest of them all is a 19 month old boy whom everyone calls, Adik. The first day with him, he seemed sad and didn't smile at all. But he was OK being carried around by anyone. The next day, I saw his true colours. He has beautiful smile and talks - A LOT!

He even knows the english terms for kucing and anjing. Clever boy! I guess being around 16 other big brothers all day helps in his speech.

One the last day of the shoot, the kids took a day off from school (to their excitement) and were brought to Ipoh for Raya shopping. They've been looking forward to it for quite some time already and some couldn't sleep the night before.

They don't go out like this often. If there weren't so many of them, I would've personally brought them around the place. They wanted to go to the top floor and look at TVs and other electronics. Maybe some other time, kids.

Catch this episode of Bersamamu this Wednesday, 24 August 2011, on TV3. Hopefully by highlighting their plight, more people will give a helping hand to give a better life for these kids.


Z said...

I actually cried reading this post. It is sad to imagine the life of this less fortunate children. In an abandoned surau? May Allah bless them.

adam dan hawa said...

saya sempat menonton episode ini....memang kesian tengok budak-budak ni bila time hujan air masuk...macam banjir...teruskan usaha anda..semoga segalanya diberkati....amin.