Monday, August 22, 2011

The Kids Of The Abandoned Surau

Fasting month is the time to give and share with the less fortunate. That's why me and the Bersamamu team were invited to quite a number of break fast functions where donations were given to the TV3 Bersamamu fund.

The kids in welfare homes are among the busiest this month as the receive countless donations and invitations for break fast. My visit to welfare home in Klang for Singgah Sahur recently amazed me as the building was totally new, clean and in tiptop condition. Alhamdulillah those kids are in good hands.

However there's one welfare home in Taiping, Perak that isn't as lucky. A group of 17 boys call an abandoned surau their home. Their caretaker works doubly hard to make ends meet with the limited funds he has. Bersamamu decided to highlight this particular welfare home in hopes to help ease their burden especially with the upcoming Hari Raya.

I had fun being with the kids. They seem to like me more after I helped them with their math homework - my favourite subject btw. I was told they were very difficult to handle initially - stubborn, attitude, aggressive and not interested in school. Now, after a year they've mellowed down and became more obedient.

The youngest of them all is a 19 month old boy whom everyone calls, Adik. The first day with him, he seemed sad and didn't smile at all. But he was OK being carried around by anyone. The next day, I saw his true colours. He has beautiful smile and talks - A LOT!

He even knows the english terms for kucing and anjing. Clever boy! I guess being around 16 other big brothers all day helps in his speech.

One the last day of the shoot, the kids took a day off from school (to their excitement) and were brought to Ipoh for Raya shopping. They've been looking forward to it for quite some time already and some couldn't sleep the night before.

They don't go out like this often. If there weren't so many of them, I would've personally brought them around the place. They wanted to go to the top floor and look at TVs and other electronics. Maybe some other time, kids.

Catch this episode of Bersamamu this Wednesday, 24 August 2011, on TV3. Hopefully by highlighting their plight, more people will give a helping hand to give a better life for these kids.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

One Panda Eye

Last week I shot Bersamamu's special Hari Raya episode at Pengasih, the rehab. Since the shoot was conducted during and after break fast, I came home quite late.

As my brother fetched me from the office (Mer was outstation), he brought along a shocking news..Raees. Fell. From. His. Crib!

He took a late nap and was still napping during break fast. My mom had the baby monitor on as everyone went down to the kitchen to eat.

No one heard anything. Not even the maid who sat just beside the baby monitor downstairs. Suddenly there was a thump, followed by a loud cry from upstairs.

My mom ran up and saw him already sitting on the wooden floor crying his heart out. The left side of my baby's forehead was swollen. My mom used some ice to reduce the swelling and he stopped crying after 10 minutes.

Soon his left eye was swollen as well.

My poor, poor boy :(

I was on a lookout for fever and vomiting. Thank God he had neither.

After a day the bruise on his forehead got lighter but then spread to his eye.

Now he looks like he...
1. got punched in the eye
2. has smokey eye makeup on
3. is a cute half panda

It seems to change colour on a daily basis as it heals. Currently there's a bit of red and yellow on top of the blue-black.

Doesn't matter what colour his eye turns out to be, what matters most is he's back to his normal self.


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Monday, August 01, 2011

Mom-Host-Journalist Travels

Gotta admit, my life has gone haywire ever since hosting Bersamamu. Don't get me wrong, I love my job. I truly do. But the schedule is very demanding for a mommy like me. I'm required to go outstation almost every week. Usually a one night trip. That by itself is challenging enough.

Picture taken during most recent Bersamamu shoot

Not forgetting I'm still producing MagSeven on a monthly basis. For those not in the know, MagSeven is a 30 minute English documentary aired on NTV7. It's comparable to Majalah 3.

Klebang, Melaka

The most recent MagSeven shoot

You may notice a decline in my blog updates lately. Let me share how my life has been over the last 2 weeks:

14-15 July: Melaka (MagSeven shoot)
17 July: Johore (TV3 event)
19 July: Melaka (MagSeven shoot)
21-22 July: Johore (Bersamamu shoot in the day, MagSeven editing at night)
24 July: Melaka (MagSeven shoot)
25-27 July: editing, scripting, finalising MagSeven episode (didn't sleep for 1 night)
28 July: Banting (Bersamamu shoot)

Soon after that I took a 5-day long weekend to keep my sanity in check and spend quality mommy-son time.

It's times like this I feel guilty for leaving Raees behind. Lucky thing my mom takes care of him whenever I'm not around. But I pity her sometimes, having not much time to do things she wants to do because all time and energy are on him.

There were times she mentioned about not having time to cook/clean, having muscle strain coz Raees wanted to be carried around and more. We have a maid but she concentrates on house work only. Even so, my mom doesn't leave it all to the maid.

I've reached a point where I'm considering sending Raees to a nursery. It could give my mom a break and good for his social skills too. No?

Raees will turn 2 at the end of this month and he's still very much a booby baby. He doesn't accept other milk at the moment. Once he was forced to drink fresh milk/formula, he ended up rejecting EBM too. Took him a while to get over it. So as I travel around, I still bring back EBM for my one and only.

Anyway, I won't be slowing down this fasting month. Shoots still go on as usual. This week, it's Perak. On the road yet again!

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