Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Don’t Put That In Your Mouth!

I remember telling myself how lucky I am that I do not have to worry about Raees putting things in his mouth. Even when he was younger, he never picked up things to taste. Not until now...

I don't know if he's premolars are coming out (how many premolars before they complete their baby teeth anyway?), but lately we have to really keep an eye on him in case he collects things from the floor. Always have to make sure the floor and carpets are clean and vacuumed too.

His favourite thing to 'taste' is his foam play mat (you know, the jigsaw-like numbers), particularly the number 6. Every time he's at the playroom, he just has to take out the little round yellow piece and bites it like a cookie.

Bacteria are everywhere and there's nothing we can do about it no matter how clean you think your house may be. When he's at the stage of eating stuff off the floor, surely worries me. Thankfully Raees is blessed with good immune system and hopefully this will continue on even when he finally weans.

Of course a good formula will help with their body defense. Remember my post about when he turns 2? As I mentioned, Mamil Gold formula caught my attention and their increment of IMMUNOFORCE was scientifically proven to help maintain a good gut environment for the children. It’s also a no sucrose formula that helps support a child’s natural defenses so he can continue to explore the big wide world around him and reach his full potential in life!

We may not be able to protect our kids from harmful bacteria but with good immune system, they should be able to fend for themselves.

I also thank God that infant formulas are now being supplemented with DHA. Once Raees weans, his intake of natural DHA will definitely decrease. The new Mamil Gold has more than 5x DHA. So it’s formula to the rescue!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011


A few months ago I was asked to submit any health-related reports that was aired in 2010 for the Health Ministry Media Awards. I had a few stories during my time at Majalah 3 but I felt the one that gave more impact was definitely the one on Maggot Therapy.

You see, it took about 4 years to make! Found out about it back in 2006 and completed about 75% shoot for MedikTV. We even stayed up til 1am to wait for the flies to lay eggs :P Unfortunately all the hardwork went down the drain because it was never aired. We had difficulty searching for a suitable patient that went for the treatment because it was a fairly new treatment in Malaysia that time.

Then in 2009 I followed up again as I found out a the treatment more widely used. I started shooting from scratch. I featured a person who has benefitted greatly from the treatment. I even followed the journey of a lady going through the treatment and seeing the miracle results.

I also included an animation in the story...something that we hardly do for a weekly programme like Majalah 3.

All the hard work paid off as it was received the Best Health TV Programme Award during the Health Ministry Health Award last Friday.

A picture with the Health Minister is a must...

Also present were fellow colleagues from TV9 and NTV7 news, plus Astro Awani's Dino Omar.

This is my third award from the Health Ministry since 2006. I'm grateful to be acknowledge. Another reason why I totally love my job. So blessed!