Friday, June 03, 2011

Too Manja? (Updated With Photos)

Raees is less than three months away from his 2nd birthday! Time really does go on supersonic speed. But I often wonder if we're pampering him too much. That's because I see other kids (some younger than him) seem more independent.

Here's a few reasons why I think Raees is too pampered...

1. Sleep

I would be lucky if he sleeps for 4 hours straight. He still wakes up a few times for milk.

He usually falls asleep as we reach our destination

2. Eat

He doesn't eat on his own! Doesn't hold his own utensils either. If we do put food in his hand, it's not often he would put them in his mouth. It usually ends up on the floor. He doesn't even hold the bottle when drinking EBM. Instead he holds my mom's hands to make sure she doesn't let go of the bottle. Funny boy :)
3. Social Skills

Although he has shown improvement but he still isn't much of a people person. He still clings on to me for dear life. He still hates noise. His least favourite part of a party is the birthday song. And if he missed his nap time, it's waterworks all the way baby!

Very tragic cry at a party where everyone seems to be having fun

Despite it all, Raees also shows his mature side. Did you know my boy is neat? There has been many occasions where he keeps things where they belong. One evening as I came back from work, I had many things in my hands and didn't bother to put my shoes on the shoe rack. Raees voluntarily picked them up and put them there! I felt so proud! Gotta admit, sometimes I overlook this minor detail and leave my shoes around *shy*

There was a time I saw him sorting his toys according to colour before putting them back in its container. I think my very neat mom taught him well :)


Mama Rayyan said...

Hi Irin,just nak share my opinion.Rasanya Raees mayb a bit manja,tp i think thats normal for being the only attention in the family.Furthermore,ur parents is the one who take care of him...definitely will be manja.My son pun sgt manja dgn my inlaws and knows when to mengada2 and when to follow the rules.Normally when he is with us,he will behave,But with his grandparents,he will buat perangai a bit sbb tau my inlaws normally will pampered him and listen to his request.
So,just be calm.I think Raess will be a great kid coz there are a lot of great people around him. said...

Bagusnya Rees seorg yang neat! Mmg asuhan dari kecik tu tersangat penting. Once dah di ajar mcm tu insyaAllah sampai besar dia akan selesa dengan keadaan kemas.

Fatin Nurul said...

raees must be very lucky to have you as his mum !!!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! And I thought I was alone!
My daughter just turned 2, and I am still breast feeding her, she never really drank formula.

Till today she wakes up a few times at night for milk, the longest she ever sleeps without waking up is 3 or 4 hours!

I stay home to take care of her, boy, she so dislikes new faces and crowded areas! Especially if it's a function where people tend to show too much attention on her. If malls where ppl mind their own business, she's perfectly fine.

Manja manja.. I want to have the next one also feel so pening, dunno how to manage two manja ones. I guess kids on extended breastfeeding tend to be extra manja?

But then again, they grow so fast anyway, let's just enjoy the moments while they last. Let them be our babies for as long as they want before the harsh reality of the world hits them. Before we know it, we'll be complaining that they dont want to hug or kiss us anymore! :-)

Yaati Nor said...

Anak saya pun manja..kalai dengan in law manja + ngada2..mungkin rees takut org sebab hari2 dia jumpa atok dgn nenek je..mcm anak saya dok taska..mmg tak takut berani semacam pulak..cara dia nak berkawan, dia gi slap kwn dia skali, ngendeng2 patu kawan..kdg kwn2 sume lagi sbb perangai dia..kesian je tengok..Mungkin Rees blh stat playskol kot..

Anonymous said...

Hi Irin,
like ur blog, so sincere,rasa macam dh kenal lama hehe
btw, i bukan nk takut kan u, i nmpk cam ade 'muka' beside u on 1st picture nih..
ke mata i yg nmpk bukan2,sorry!


IRIN PUTRI said...

Mama rayyan: my parents and I stay under one roof. So manja all the time! Btw, thanks :)

Mahizan: tok mama dia ajar mengemas. Hehe..nasib baik!

Fatin: aww thanks :D

Anonymous: omg your girl is EXACTLY like Raees! He loves malls and hates functions. So it's definitely the environment they were brought up in and the extended BFing that developed their manjaness.

Yaati: rumah ni sunyi takde budak lain. Semua org besar. Bila jumpa org suara kuat pun raees boleh nangis. Kesian dia. Memang plan nak hangar dia playskool soon. Tgh survey2 tempat yg sesuai.

Anonymous: thanks dear :) that is definitely a muka beside me. Siap pakai sunglasses lagi. That's my mom kat tepi tu lah :P tak perasan pulak mula2. Tajam mata u. Hehe..

Anonymous said...

hi irin,
so comel la raees ni...i think raees prefer kena suap sebab tanak sepah2 la tu, pandai betul...