Thursday, June 09, 2011

Not Your Average Model

I received an invitation to Trudy & Teddy's Tea Party at Parkson, Alamanda Putrajaya. It was held last weekend and I was afraid how Raees would react at such an event. He has a history of crying his heart out when people cheer/clap and when there's loud music.

As we reached the venue, Raees took some time to warm up as I registered ourselves.

...and got us these badges.

You got that right! My boy, model no. 10!

You see, this tea party was more of a dress up party for kids. We were asked to choose anything from the Trudy & Teddy range worth RM300. How cool is that? :) The title that the participants were eyeing for was the 'best dressed kid'. So we were given an hour to mix and match the clothes available at the store accordingly.

It was difficult to choose, alright. There were so many choices! Each has that fine European touch to it. Raees arrange the hangers.

Raees seemed so calm and happy as I put the clothes on him...

Things were going just fine. Although Raees started exploring all the drawers at the place, he was quite cooperative as the salesperson and I dress him up.

He even did his own little catwalk at the store!

That's when I changed my mind about the grey corduroy vest and got him a navy blue knitted one instead.

The final look: a white cotton shirt with vest and 3/4 jeans, cropped black socks and black-brown shoes. The concept: cool university kid. Really nice! I loved it and totally satisfied with my choices :)

This was before we changed his socks

There were 10 participants. Being model no. 10, you know what that means, we were the last to go. Mer was already standing by at the front to get a nice shot of us. Meanwhile, Raees got restless and wanted to explore the other areas. He refused to stay in line as we wait for our turn to parade. He wasn't happy with the loud speakers either. I was struggling and sweating already.

Just 3 more people ahead of me when I of Raees' shoes was missing! I searched high and low for it while carrying him with one hand. I was really sweating out then. How could we possibly parade with one missing shoe?? I couldn't find it! I panicked and then asked one of the event committee to help me search for it. I thought, people won't steal ONE shoe right?

And just in time, I saw it nicely placed on the table.

I calmed myself after that but Raees didn't. He got more upset as we walked closer towards the stage. Closer to the speakers.

There was nothing I can do. The show must go on...

We really love the clothes and will definitely go back for more since I have my eye on a few other irresistible pieces ;)


Suliana said...

ala ciannya.. nangis ke.. tak dpt tgk video kat opis..

Glam Mama Adriana said...

Awwwh, poor lil guy! He's welcome to spend some time with my boisterous (and not shy AT ALL) boys...perhaps watching abang2 in action will coax him out of his shell a little.

Also, thanks for the heads up on the neat clothes. It's so hard to find nice clothes for boys!

Nurul Aima Hj Kaim said...

adoi raaes..nsb mama x panik..masih menten senyum..

Sumijelly said...


saya pun ada masa tu... tp tak sempat nak bertegur sapa...

salam perkenalan.....

IRIN PUTRI said...

suliana: balik rumah tengok ye :)

adriana: yeah! don't know how long we talked about playdates but tak jadi2.

nurul: oh mesti senyum..kalau sorang nangis, sorang masam susah!

sumijelly: masa tu memang tak sempat nak mingle2 lah. sibuk sangat dengan raees masa tu. itu baru anak sorang! insyaAllah lain kali kita jumpa lagi :)

normi nieza said...

hyee irin....nice la your blog...:)

ain zuraini said...

raees kena praktis to socialize more la lpsni irin... :-). papepon nice selection of clothes...

Oyu Sayuri said...

Ala pity Raees. However your hairstyle kept my eyes la Irin. Itu style apa yeah?Mind to share ;) it looks sweet and so lady for u.

Yaati Nor said...

lepas nie blh bawak dia main kat palyground tahu kat sana dia blh berkwn dan tak takut ke..

mommyNadia said...

ala sian Raees..
agaknye dia pelik nape lah nk ramai sgt org ek..;)

Lagipun Raees br nak masuk 2 yrs kan, my son yg nak msuk 3 yrs pun tak cooperate mase parade tu..
itu yg kalah tu..heheheh ;)

neway,its new experience for them kan..mane tahu next time,boleh jalan kat runaway without mommy to lead ;)

neway good job Raees! said...

alalalala....cian Raees..maybe time tu dia dah boring sbb lama sgt nak tunggu his turn

Anonymous said...

bravo!you are one cool@calm mama!

It ain't easy to pretend 'well, it's ok, my 2 year old boy is not cooperating, it is not the end of the world'.


alololoooo cumilsss

Merryn said...

Hi, I was there too. But we were all busy with our own kids eh? No time to mingle.. :(

It was a nice tea party, beautifully organised. My kid had fun with the Clayart and Caricature.

Raees is so adorable :D

IRIN PUTRI said...

Normi: thanks! :)

Ain: memang try to bring him socializing pun. Although not weekly. Thank u :)

Oyu: my hairstyle? Hehe layered biasa je. And curlkan sikit at the ends. That's all ;

Yaati: yeah maybe pernah try bawak ke playground but not nicely kept sgt kat area bkt jelutong ni.

Mommynadia: org ramai at shopping malls dia takpe. But bunyi bising from speakers tu dia tak suka. My boy stole the show with his cries. Haha! But your boy was good! :D

Mahizan: boring jugak time tu..tak boleh duduk diam.

Anonymous: gotta be professional. Hehe. No matter how bad things may must go on. So just smile :)

Mya: :)

Merryn: oh yeah! Your boy won right? Congratulations! Yeah too bad everyone had their hands full handling their kids. I was stuck in the dressing room trying to calm a tantrum toddler!