Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another Visit To Taiping Zoo After 5 Years!

During my MedikTV days, I did a special episode about veterinarians at Taiping Zoo. Very interesting stuff! Ah well, anything with animals is always enjoyable to work on.

Because I had such a good time 5 years ago, I decided to go back to Taiping Zoo last week to shoot an episode of MagSeven. This time the angle was more about the zookeepers. I spent 3 days there and had a great time being around lovely creatures.

We had the chance to go behind the scenes...where the animals are kept and cared for. We got to go really close to them too. The animals, like lions and tigers, take turns to be released at the open-concept display for half a day everyday. That's because some of them just can't get along with each other.

While I was there, a lion cub caught my attention.

I think it's about 1-2 months old and totally adorable! And then I was given the chance to hold it! I was so excited!

And get this..there were more than one! In fact, there were 4 lion cubs all together.

Those are my crew trying to get a hang of carrying the cub. They don't bite but their claws are quite sharp.

In a few months time there will be no way of carrying them this way anymore.

Photo opportunity aside, part of our shoot includes sedating a tiger with skin problem. The doctor took samples of the skin at the hospital for biopsy.

The veterinarian, Dr. Choy, seemed quite young. We got to talking and found out he is my age. After further chit chat, we discovered that we went to the same secondary school for 5 years!

He knows people I know and vise versa. But we didn't know each other. That shows how 'popular' I was at school, ei? Hehe! I was the quiet, timid one who went under the radar.

Anyway, before we left, get this..each one of us were given a cute little rabbit to bring home! I got a long-haired male.

And he is yet to be named. Any suggestions? :)

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Yaati Nor said...

Bestnya dapat lion head rabbit..Irin bagi nama dia smokey..sbb mata dia macam pakai eyeshadow smokey eyes gitu...heheheheh

Suliana said...

cute nya.. tgk irin pegang kambing smlm pun dpt agak tak takut binatang. klu sy, mesti dah lari2.. hehe..

p/s: finally, mkn tak sireh smlm? hehe..

amirah said...

lilo!! : P

yatie chomeyl said...

name that rabbit "Rarin" --> RAees + iRIN ehehehe

Impian Serikandi said...

beruntungnya badan..
dapat jugak sentuh anak rimau ek..kita dah 2-3 kali pegi.. tengok jer dari luar.

Posh said...

Oh my!
The lion cubs so adorable if only they dun grow big can consider for a pet ;-))

theotherme said...

Cuteness!rasa nak peluk2 je kan >̴̴̴̴̴͡.̮ка̴͡

Nini D.. said...

How about "MALE" ?...
orait x nama tu?..hehehehe

Ayu said...

Ah Choy!! He's my classmate! A very funny guy & a fun vet. : )

Ayu said...

Oh, on the name suggestion, what about Ed? Short & cute. ;p

IRIN PUTRI said...

Yaati: lion head rabbit? So that's what it's called!

Suliana: haha tak pegang pun kambing. Just bg dia gigit baju je :D sedangkan taugeh tak makan ni kan pulak siren. Haha

Impian: sbb shooting dpt lah pegang. Kalau tidak takde chance.

Posh: I know right! They would make perfect cuddly pets :)

Ayu: yeah funny guy. Kept on playing tricks on us at the hospital. He put a baby cobra in a mineral water bottle and placed it on our bag. Hehe!

IRIN PUTRI said...

Thanks for the name suggestions guys! So many to choose from ;)

yayin said...

oh wow!! jelous nye!!
i'd LOVE to cuddle lion cubs!!
and i dream of rolling around on the grass with lions!! they're one of my very favourite animals!!!

belogkiter said...

serius... sangat cute.......boleh dukung dukung lagi..

~CiK TiNieY~ said...

wow!lions like cats!hehehe

comel sangattttt

Anonymous said...

omg,,,comel nye mereka ;-D

bangga kan dpt hold derang...

derang bite tak?