Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another Visit To Taiping Zoo After 5 Years!

During my MedikTV days, I did a special episode about veterinarians at Taiping Zoo. Very interesting stuff! Ah well, anything with animals is always enjoyable to work on.

Because I had such a good time 5 years ago, I decided to go back to Taiping Zoo last week to shoot an episode of MagSeven. This time the angle was more about the zookeepers. I spent 3 days there and had a great time being around lovely creatures.

We had the chance to go behind the scenes...where the animals are kept and cared for. We got to go really close to them too. The animals, like lions and tigers, take turns to be released at the open-concept display for half a day everyday. That's because some of them just can't get along with each other.

While I was there, a lion cub caught my attention.

I think it's about 1-2 months old and totally adorable! And then I was given the chance to hold it! I was so excited!

And get this..there were more than one! In fact, there were 4 lion cubs all together.

Those are my crew trying to get a hang of carrying the cub. They don't bite but their claws are quite sharp.

In a few months time there will be no way of carrying them this way anymore.

Photo opportunity aside, part of our shoot includes sedating a tiger with skin problem. The doctor took samples of the skin at the hospital for biopsy.

The veterinarian, Dr. Choy, seemed quite young. We got to talking and found out he is my age. After further chit chat, we discovered that we went to the same secondary school for 5 years!

He knows people I know and vise versa. But we didn't know each other. That shows how 'popular' I was at school, ei? Hehe! I was the quiet, timid one who went under the radar.

Anyway, before we left, get this..each one of us were given a cute little rabbit to bring home! I got a long-haired male.

And he is yet to be named. Any suggestions? :)

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Just Stay In Your Car!

I was at the sound dub studio last week to do voice over for Bersamamu when our audio editor, Vijay, shared a freaky incident that happened to him that afternoon.

Vijay is a very tall and fit guy with a goatee. One look at him, no one would wanna mess with him. Apparently that isn't necessarily the case.

He was driving and stopped at the red light at the Bangsar slope. An Indian guy on a motorbike knocked on his window. He was about equal size and built as Vijay, dress like a foreman with grease all over his clothes.

He said in Tamil,"there's smoke coming out from your tyre.

Being tall, Vijay just peeked through his window and true enough there was smoke. But he also noticed the guy had an eye-mo sized bottle hidden in his hand and was squirting some kind of liquid to his tyre.

Realizing something fishy was gong on, he didn't get out of the car and told the man that he will look into it.

The man was trying to be helpful by saying,"I think your breaks are leaking. Do you have a jack? I can take a look."

Vijay said,"what's that in your hand?"

That was enough to make him flee and beat 3 red lights ahead!

Upon further inspection, he found out the guy squirted black oil to his breaks. When oil hits hot surface it will naturally produce smoke.

So I wonder, if people can attempt a scam on someone like Vijay, what about us girls? I believe some would panic at the sight of smoke and welcome any kind of helping hand. And then who knows what would happen?

Be extra cautious on the road, people. Always keep the doors locked and never get out of the car when a stranger approaches you even when there you experience technical problem. Wait for help to arrive or if possible, drive to a safer place.

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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Not Your Average Model

I received an invitation to Trudy & Teddy's Tea Party at Parkson, Alamanda Putrajaya. It was held last weekend and I was afraid how Raees would react at such an event. He has a history of crying his heart out when people cheer/clap and when there's loud music.

As we reached the venue, Raees took some time to warm up as I registered ourselves.

...and got us these badges.

You got that right! My boy, model no. 10!

You see, this tea party was more of a dress up party for kids. We were asked to choose anything from the Trudy & Teddy range worth RM300. How cool is that? :) The title that the participants were eyeing for was the 'best dressed kid'. So we were given an hour to mix and match the clothes available at the store accordingly.

It was difficult to choose, alright. There were so many choices! Each has that fine European touch to it. Raees arrange the hangers.

Raees seemed so calm and happy as I put the clothes on him...

Things were going just fine. Although Raees started exploring all the drawers at the place, he was quite cooperative as the salesperson and I dress him up.

He even did his own little catwalk at the store!

That's when I changed my mind about the grey corduroy vest and got him a navy blue knitted one instead.

The final look: a white cotton shirt with vest and 3/4 jeans, cropped black socks and black-brown shoes. The concept: cool university kid. Really nice! I loved it and totally satisfied with my choices :)

This was before we changed his socks

There were 10 participants. Being model no. 10, you know what that means, we were the last to go. Mer was already standing by at the front to get a nice shot of us. Meanwhile, Raees got restless and wanted to explore the other areas. He refused to stay in line as we wait for our turn to parade. He wasn't happy with the loud speakers either. I was struggling and sweating already.

Just 3 more people ahead of me when I of Raees' shoes was missing! I searched high and low for it while carrying him with one hand. I was really sweating out then. How could we possibly parade with one missing shoe?? I couldn't find it! I panicked and then asked one of the event committee to help me search for it. I thought, people won't steal ONE shoe right?

And just in time, I saw it nicely placed on the table.

I calmed myself after that but Raees didn't. He got more upset as we walked closer towards the stage. Closer to the speakers.

There was nothing I can do. The show must go on...

We really love the clothes and will definitely go back for more since I have my eye on a few other irresistible pieces ;)

Monday, June 06, 2011

I Have A Confession

I'm a sucker for customer loyalty cards. I never noticed it until I recently organised my purse (to include 2 new cards that SOMEHOW made it's way to me.)

I emptied my purse and this was what I found..

I have a couple of those stamp cards know, collect 10 stamps and get a free drink.

Surprisingly, I don't have a Mothercare card despite buying quite a lot of stuff from them. Maybe it's because I misplaced the receipts often. You know you need to spend RM800 in three months to be eligible for the card?

Sometimes they make things you wanna buy a lot cheaper if you're a member...

Sometimes the offer the card for free when you spend a certain amount...

Sometimes we are made to pay for the card but get vouchers worth so much...

Sometimes they just give it...

Sometimes the perks of being a member / card holder are just too good to ignore...

Between the time that picture was taken and now as I write this post...I got another new card! And there's no more space in my purse.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Too Manja? (Updated With Photos)

Raees is less than three months away from his 2nd birthday! Time really does go on supersonic speed. But I often wonder if we're pampering him too much. That's because I see other kids (some younger than him) seem more independent.

Here's a few reasons why I think Raees is too pampered...

1. Sleep

I would be lucky if he sleeps for 4 hours straight. He still wakes up a few times for milk.

He usually falls asleep as we reach our destination

2. Eat

He doesn't eat on his own! Doesn't hold his own utensils either. If we do put food in his hand, it's not often he would put them in his mouth. It usually ends up on the floor. He doesn't even hold the bottle when drinking EBM. Instead he holds my mom's hands to make sure she doesn't let go of the bottle. Funny boy :)
3. Social Skills

Although he has shown improvement but he still isn't much of a people person. He still clings on to me for dear life. He still hates noise. His least favourite part of a party is the birthday song. And if he missed his nap time, it's waterworks all the way baby!

Very tragic cry at a party where everyone seems to be having fun

Despite it all, Raees also shows his mature side. Did you know my boy is neat? There has been many occasions where he keeps things where they belong. One evening as I came back from work, I had many things in my hands and didn't bother to put my shoes on the shoe rack. Raees voluntarily picked them up and put them there! I felt so proud! Gotta admit, sometimes I overlook this minor detail and leave my shoes around *shy*

There was a time I saw him sorting his toys according to colour before putting them back in its container. I think my very neat mom taught him well :)