Thursday, May 05, 2011

When He Turns 2

Raees turned 20 months last week. I have to admit I can’t wait til he turns 2! Here are a few reasons why:
  1. I will reach my target in breastfeeding
  2. I can start weaning Raees (God knows how that’s gonna happen)
  3. I can stop dragging along the pump to work – so one less bag for me to carry to the office and assignments
  4. I can go for shoots / Karnival Jom Heboh without worrying about pumping schedule
  5. Birthdays are just so much fun!
Since I’ve been giving only the best for Raees, I’ve started surveying around for formula. I know, I know..there’s 4 months to go but hey, good research is important, kan?

I’ve been overwhelmed by the various brands available in the market. A tip from many people is to do some ‘trial and error’ until you find the right one for your toddler.

So over the weekend I spent some time at the formula milk aisle for my research. One product that caught my attention was ‘Mamil Gold’ – maybe because it comes with a free lunch box. Yeah, I’m that observant when it comes to freebies. I also noticed that the promotion runs throughout the month of May. Good eye, ei? ;)

A lunchbox would definitely come in handy when Raees tapaus food from home as he attends playschool, another one of my plans for him when he reaches 2 (or maybe 2 and a half years old. We’ll see.) Oh, so many things to look forward to! Now I REALLY can’t wait for him to grow up. Imagine him carrying a lunchbox to school with his Elmo backpack. As he enters the school, he would turn around and wave bye2 to me. cute is that?

OK, I can go on imagining 1001 things for my boy.

Anyway, as I studied Mamil Gold’s ingredients, I found out it contains Immunofortis. A mouthful, I know. I did my own research to find out what it means - it is a prebiotic mixture, or even simpler it’s food for good bacteria. It’s supposed to help support children’s natural immunity.
Raees has got strong immune system thanks to my milk. I wish to maintain this even after he is weaned. So I put this in my shortlist of possible formula for Raees ;)


amirah said...

raees almost 2?kejap je..yup, should try and see if there'll be any 'error'..

Anonymous said...

hi rin watch u bersamamu last nite..I think that Bersamamu episode will win award..with u playing the piano..malay chinese muhibah spirit..U menang award make sure u buat dokumentari on access for disable to mosque(toilet,ablution area) for OKU, nenek tuk..Till later lasse--mohamad

~ SueHarriz ~ said...

They say anmum has les sugar in it. But i sdiri bg anak i mnum s26. Huhu.

Anonymous said...

Hi there
After living in UK I realised that in Europe countries baby above 1 year old is encourage to take fresh cold milk beside the balance meal. In Asia formula milk is so popular and expensive. I find that formula milk is commercialize here.

AKU CHUN said...

Raees dah besar dan sgt comel!

lily lotus said...

how time flies,kan? dah boleh bagi dia adik too..hehe

airin diana said...

good job, irin on ur success bf raees til 2 yrs old! waiting for the next raees' birthday party ;)

mon said...

wow, I really salute u Irin. I tried to wean my baby when she started to grow teeth sbb dia slalu gigit masa bg direct bf. I x tahan so I mixed bf with formula. Dulu bg dugro now anmum honey flavoured so far she likes it.

kayyana said...

raees and rayyan have a same shirt..!! nice..