Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Jamming On The Piano

There was a time when I entertained Raees with the piano while he was still in my tummy. Haih..those were the times. Fast forward about 2 years later, we now play the piano together! So much fun.

Tonight, you all will get to see me doing my thing on the piano in Bersamamu! I know, I know...first singing and now this? I'm injecting some performing arts into the programme, kan? Ah well.. :)

This time I will be playing a song as a tribute to an unsung hero. What song you ask? Well, some of you may have figured it out from the promo that's aired over the past few days. If you still don't know...wait and see at 9.30 tonight!


dilazfamily said...

salam kenal dari Dilaz.
sudi2lah datang dan follow di blog dilaz
dilaz suka tengok irin dalam cete bersamamu.malam nie nak tengok lagi

amirah said...

wow...can't wait..

Yaati Nor said...

irin..pandai la awk main piono tu mlm tadi..belaja dari kecik ke?sian kuarga Mr ong yek..dia meninggal ending nya..sedih...sob.. sob..

Suliana said...

tgk bersamamu smlm.. area rumah sy tu :-) anyway, u mmg serba boleh la irin .. :-)