Monday, May 09, 2011

Stranger Anxiety To The Max

Being looked after by my mother in a house that is pretty much quiet with no other kids, made Raees somewhat allergic to crowd / loudness (shopping malls are an exception). Over the last few months, it just got worse.

He would cry his heart out as soon as we step into a crowded place. Usually people's houses for kenduri, parties and such. There have been a couple of times we couldn't mingle much and had to leave early because my boy was so cranky.

Recently we visited a family friend at the hospital. We were informed that there were many people there so we were prepared for the inevitable. We let Raees play at the corridor, while I went in to the room to greet people. He was happy as always with the amount of space he could explore.

Soon I invited him into the room. He stopped at the door and refused to budge. I held out my hand to him and he did the same. Since I didn't move, he came a few steps closer to reach out for my hand.

Although he was tricked, I managed to make him come into the room by himself.

One look at the people there...

The waterworks started...

When I put him down, he would grab my hand and attempt to pull me out of the room. Very anti-social!

So I thought this cannot go on. I have to do something to safe our social life. I decided to organize a playdate. I invited Thara over to my place with her very sporting, cool, calm and composed Aydein.

Raees was breastfeeding when they came over. Thara came close to greet him and, without letting me go, he started crying! A very tragic cry in fact. Aydein on the other hand had the what's-happening? look.

After a (long) while, Raees calmed down as Thara simply ignored him. The 2 boys started playing with the toys. Before you know it, Raees was slowly approaching Thara and took her iPhone off her hand! Amazing!

2 weeks later, I was ready for Raees' cries during Mer's sister's engagement. I even went into the house, walked pass relatives that were there early, told them not to acknowledge him and went straight to the back of the house.

To my surprise, he didn't cry! He made the unhappy face initially but no cry! He was very confident around people and daringly insisted on going to his favourite spot to play his toys where the crowd were seated.

Super cool boy! And just after 1 playdate. Awesome!
Thank God Raees didn't spoil the beautiful ceremony, Nor! Uh, and congrats on your engagement!

A relative from Kelantan was around for the engagement ceremony so the next day we decided to hang out with her a cousin's house. The house was full of people, kids and adults alike!

And again, Raees proved to be as calm as he could be. He loved seeing kids running and jumping around. He didn't do it himself though (not yet).

That day was the first time he came across this fruit from Kelantan called buah salak. The inside of the fruit is white in colour. When someone peeled the fruit and left half of it in the basket, Raees threw it away. I think it seemed like it didn't belong there. Yes, my boy like to sort now!

While he was playing, we gave him a buah salak. He took it and walked over to the basket and put it together with the other fruits. He knew where it belonged! I think my mom taught him well about cleanliness :)

Although most of the time he plays by himself, here he seemed to be showing off to the girl...

"Look I can bounce a ball with one hand. See!"

But the ultimate sign that my boy somewhat 'cured' his stranger anxiety was when he voluntarily hugged Mer's aunt! At first we thought he got the wrong person. Then he looked up, smiled at her and continued to hug a little longer. This was the first time they met!

The next day we went to my uncle's place and this time he was slightly cranky because he was forced to wake up as we got out of the car.

We were there to visit my new nephew (Raees' future gang). You may not see it from these pictures but there were quite a number of people there.

Raees wasn't cranky for long though. He started being friendly with my niece...

Even climbed on the table to play and do a little dance.

3 events, 3 days in a row and not even 1 scene. I guess the rest is history! I can finally bring him around in peace! Hooray!!

Friday, May 06, 2011

The Unsung Hero

It was yet another sad, sad ending to the Bersamamu episode this week. It was about a good samaritan named Ong Kim Koon, better known as Akong by his grandchildren.

It was around midnight on 12 April 2011. He was on his way back after doing some charity and praying a temple in Genting with a friend. They came across an accident and selflessly, Ong came out to help the victims that were stuck in the car.

52-year-old Ong pulled Zainal out of the wreckage and put him on the divider. Ong was then about to pull out Zainal's wife when he was knocked down by the Toyota Estima driver who, apparently, was trying to drive out of the resultant traffic jam. Ong's friend had alerted the driver to stop. After the friend freed Ong, the driver sped off.

I went to Ong's house about 9 days after the incident. He has lost his right leg. He was still in the ICU and that day the doctors decided they had to amputate the other leg as well. I remember his wife saying she doesn't mind him being crippled as long as he is alive. She even talked about getting a wheelchair for him.

Everyone thought he was gonna survive. I was shocked to receive news of his demise the very next morning.

I dedicated Sheila Majid's Lagenda to the unsung hero because I feel the lyrics and the melody suits him perfectly...

Kaulah satu-satunya
Di antara berjuta
Insan teristimewa
Patah tak tumbuh lagi
Hilang belum berganti
Kerana kau tersendiri...

He definitely is one in a million.

Ong's family received a donation of RM1,300 from National Welfare Foundation and Ampang Social Welfare Department. Instead, they gave the money to the couple that Ong saved. They said that's what Ong would've done - to continue helping the injured couple who have to work to support their children.

What about the person who hit Ong? Khoo Kim Chuan, 47, was charged in court with careless and inconsiderate driving and, upon pleading guilty, was fined RM5,500 and had his driving licence “endorsed”. He never acknowledged Ong's family.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

When He Turns 2

Raees turned 20 months last week. I have to admit I can’t wait til he turns 2! Here are a few reasons why:
  1. I will reach my target in breastfeeding
  2. I can start weaning Raees (God knows how that’s gonna happen)
  3. I can stop dragging along the pump to work – so one less bag for me to carry to the office and assignments
  4. I can go for shoots / Karnival Jom Heboh without worrying about pumping schedule
  5. Birthdays are just so much fun!
Since I’ve been giving only the best for Raees, I’ve started surveying around for formula. I know, I know..there’s 4 months to go but hey, good research is important, kan?

I’ve been overwhelmed by the various brands available in the market. A tip from many people is to do some ‘trial and error’ until you find the right one for your toddler.

So over the weekend I spent some time at the formula milk aisle for my research. One product that caught my attention was ‘Mamil Gold’ – maybe because it comes with a free lunch box. Yeah, I’m that observant when it comes to freebies. I also noticed that the promotion runs throughout the month of May. Good eye, ei? ;)

A lunchbox would definitely come in handy when Raees tapaus food from home as he attends playschool, another one of my plans for him when he reaches 2 (or maybe 2 and a half years old. We’ll see.) Oh, so many things to look forward to! Now I REALLY can’t wait for him to grow up. Imagine him carrying a lunchbox to school with his Elmo backpack. As he enters the school, he would turn around and wave bye2 to me. cute is that?

OK, I can go on imagining 1001 things for my boy.

Anyway, as I studied Mamil Gold’s ingredients, I found out it contains Immunofortis. A mouthful, I know. I did my own research to find out what it means - it is a prebiotic mixture, or even simpler it’s food for good bacteria. It’s supposed to help support children’s natural immunity.
Raees has got strong immune system thanks to my milk. I wish to maintain this even after he is weaned. So I put this in my shortlist of possible formula for Raees ;)

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Jamming On The Piano

There was a time when I entertained Raees with the piano while he was still in my tummy. Haih..those were the times. Fast forward about 2 years later, we now play the piano together! So much fun.

Tonight, you all will get to see me doing my thing on the piano in Bersamamu! I know, I know...first singing and now this? I'm injecting some performing arts into the programme, kan? Ah well.. :)

This time I will be playing a song as a tribute to an unsung hero. What song you ask? Well, some of you may have figured it out from the promo that's aired over the past few days. If you still don't know...wait and see at 9.30 tonight!

Running in HD

Remember how I said I loved running around the hotel lobby in the previous post? Well here you can see just how ecstatic I was! You can also see that funny walk I was telling you about...

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

One Night Away From Home

This is a very delayed entry. Finally have the time to write about it...between playing and watching Sesame Street. Yeah, it's me, Raees!

The other day mommy and daddy celebrated their 5th anniversary. 2 months before that they planned big - to go on a 3 days 2 nights vacation with the whole extended family somewhere a few hours drive away from home.

Hmph! We can plan as advanced as we want but when it comes to the particular weekend, plans totally changed. Thanks to mommy and daddy being overload with work. So to compensate, we went somewhere less than an hour away from home...for just one night.

One night pun one nightlah. Anything out of the norm would do for me.

As soon as I stepped into the hotel room, I made sure the phone was working properly. Hey you never know!

Although this short getaway was to celebrate mommy and daddy's anniversary, as usual, more attention was given to me. They had activities lined up for me within the hotel compound. First on the list was the playroom. But before we even went there, I dozed off...

So we skipped the playroom and went straight to the pool in the evening. I get to play at the kiddy pool. Although the water was slightly more than a feet high, I had the urge to dive in. So the float was necessary.

That night the 3 of us had nice dinner by the lake...

Then mommy and daddy let me enjoy the wide open space at the hotel lobby. I walked and ran aimlessly..even did a funny walk. See, it doesn't take so much to keep me entertained.

It was getting late so I changed to my PJs and brushed my teeth (well mommy did all the work).

I was asleep around midnight.

The next morning I was up by 7 am. I was sleep deprived, I know. Somehow lately I like to wake up earlier than I should. Sometimes a bit too early. Anyway, because we planned to go for another round of swimming that morning, I didn't bathe and went down for breakfast in my PJs.

As we reached the coffee house, there were so many people! I don't like crowded places. Especially noisy places.

Daddy even let me watch Sesame Street on his laptop to keep me calm. Mommy on the other hand was having a great time. She has this thing for hotel buffet breakfast where she takes a little bit of everything. And this hotel buffet had so many choices! So it's one after another, nonstop eat, eat, eat saja my mommy (while feeding me too, of course).

Without any delay, we attacked the big people's pool this time. Notice that aunty playing with the ball alone behind us?

Maybe she was practicing for a show?

Aaaanyway, as we went back to our room, I was bathed, dressed up and then entertained myself with my favourite toy, the stack gears.

I have this habit of napping at the wrong time. This time as we were checking out of the hotel. Hey, remember...I was sleep deprived and went swimming. I had to recharge.

Before we left, took our one and only family picture.

Ain't the best because I wasn't in my best pose. Plus, my diaper was exposed. I demand a reshoot! This calls for another family vacation ;)